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Day 6 - Wed, 17-Oct-2012

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I definitely feel better with more sleep.  I'm aiming to get at least 6 consecutive, solid hours of sleep and seeing how that impacts my weight.  Yesterday's eating was partially good and partially not.  It's less than 2 weeks before my beau moves here.  Instead of being 3000 miles away, he'll be just 4 miles away!!  I'm so excited.

Something, if you didn't know, is to drink some water (not a lot, maybe a few ounces) first thing in the morning to get your bowels moving.  I weigh myself naked (or close to that) after a bowel movement.  When I eat fairly cleanly, I normally get 2-3 bowel movements/day.  Ideally, every meal I have, I should have a bowel movement.  If you are not getting at least 1 bowel movement a day, you should probably check your diet and/or go see a nutritionist & doctor to see if something is wrong and what you can do to change.  If you are consuming food and not getting rid of it, that's not a good thing.  Healthy bowels, guts, digestion, excretory system is vital.

Weight f/yesterday:  -2.2 lbs (going back down)

SMART GOAL:  Get to bed by 10:15 pm no matter what.

SLEEP:  11:50 pm - 5:40 am (almost 6 hrs) - This is definitely better than the night before's way less sleep, but still room for improvement needed.  My beau and I started a little after 10 pm to get ready for bed, but took about 1.5 hrs.  Time really passes by so quickly with him that we easily lose track.

Nap:  8:45 am - 9:30 am (0.75 hr) - I really needed more sleep, but chose not to stay asleep.

7:10 am - heart meds, 6 multi-vitamin (no iron), 6 EFAs, 3 probiotics, 1 Iron
9:30 pm - heart meds

Meal 1 (7:15 am) - 2 scrambled eggs w/turkey breast & cheddar cheese (used some bacon grease), seasoned w/sea salt & ground pepper ----> everything tastes better with bacon grease

Snack (12:15 pm) - 1/4 cup raw almonds

Snack (2:15 pm) - 1/2 cup raw almonds, 1.5 servings of dried Turkish apricots (I know the apricots have too much sugar in them)

Meal 2 (5:30 pm) - 4 eggs, 3 cups broccoli cooked in bacon grease, shredded cheddar cheese, sea salt ----> I was incredibly hungry from not really eating lunch.  This was a lot of food and quite filling.

Snack (9:15 pm) - 2 squares 85% dark chocolate


I'm happy that my weight is down after 3 days of being up.  It's still up a pound from Saturday, but better than 3 lbs up.  After the Snickers yesterday, I thought for sure my weight will be up again.  Tonight I have life group and I hope to get back early so I can go to sleep.  Yesterday, I physically felt bad for a good portion of the day, but the Snickers bar helped me to feel better.  I doubt there is a lick of nutrition in it, and maybe it's all psychological.

Nevertheless, I will ask God to help me to only have healthy foods in my diet today.  I'm sort of craving eating cucumbers right now.  They are light and watery.  Cucumbers wrapped in bacon sound good.

Had an eating meltdown in front of my beau.  I think if I was sleeping enough every night, my cravings would lessen or be eliminated and my results better.  I am responsible for whether I go to bed on time or not, no one else.

Got to work at the church some for an hr.  Had to leave early.  My lungs are filled with paint thinner.  My skin itches, even after a shower.

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