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Day 7 - Thurs, 18-Oct-2012

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The last 2 nights I got around the 6 hrs of sleep mark and the last 2 days my weight has gone down.  This is my lowest in the past 7 days!  Praise God!  I think I really need closer to 7-8 hrs of solid sleep a night, but this is working towards that.  Yay on my beau and I having self-control to not stay up talking or starting any discussion that would not allow us to go to bed early.

Weight f/yesterday:  -1.0 lbs 

SMART GOAL:  Get to bed by 9:30 pm no matter what.

SLEEP:  10:30 pm - 3:00 am, 3:30 am - 5:30 am (6.5 hrs) - I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason that I can think and had a hard time going back to sleep.  Did not get out of bed and forced myself to stay in bed.  Fell back asleep, eventually.  At least I was much closer to getting the sleep I needed.

6:30 am - heart meds, 3 probiotics
7:00 am - 6 multi-vitamin (no iron), 6 EFAs, 1 Iron
7:45 pm - heart meds

Meal 1 (7:00 am) - 2 1/2 scrambled eggs w/turkey breast, broccoli & cheddar cheese (used some bacon grease), seasoned w/sea salt

Meal 2 (10:30 pm) - a large Diet Coke and steak/egg burrito from Carl's Jr.  ----> I know.

Snack (1:15 pm) - a small vanilla cone from McDonald's

Meal 3 (1:45 pm) - 1 1/2 scrambled eggs w/turkey breast, broccoli & cheddar cheese (used some bacon grease), seasoned w/sea salt

Meal 4 (6:00 pm) - ground sirloin w/cumin & sea salt, broccoli, onions cooked in bacon grease (4 boiled cheese raviolis on the side) ----> I don't know the quantity but it was about a salad plateful.  I didn't feel like cooking, but felt convicted, so I thawed out a pound of ground sirloin, poured a panful of broccoli, cut up an onion and made that for dinner.  Unless my kids eat it all (I made them raviolis), I should have enough for another 1-2 servings left.

Just a little walking, but not for very long.

Had to take my car in early today.  Got 2 new tires.  I had them order it a week ahead so they would have them in for my appointment this morning.  They did but sold the tires to someone else, so they weren't in.  Of course, they didn't tell me that until 8 min. before I needed to leave for my next car appointment.  I could not be late today because I had a series of things I needed to do with time constraints.

Because it was their error, they gave me the nicer tires they tried to upsell me on without charging me extra.  I'm going to call to a different store tomorrow to see if those tires are actually more expensive and better than the tires I was going to get.  If not, they will be hearing from me again.  I really wasn't happy with their service or disorganization.  They, in the past, have been great for me.  They refused to put my tires at 38 psi per my request.  They would only do them to 30 psi.  They gave me a bunch of hog wash about rollovers.

I've been driving the car for years and no issues.  You have to drive a certain way (high speed and turning mainly) to roll your car.  I don't do that.  Frustrated, but I basically got an extra $40 with the 2 tires I got because of their error.  Thank you, God!

Then, I took my car in to get front brakes, the oil changed, and air filter replaced by my special mechanic, Jason.  If you live in the East Valley and need a good, reliable, honest, reasonably priced mechanic, he's your guy.  My SUV has almost 200K miles, and I haven't done that much to it in the past 5 yrs, so it's needing quite a few things this year.

Monday I will have to take it in to do the transfer case, rear differentials, and transmission work.  It's reasonably priced and I know Jason does a great job.  Hope other than oil changes, this is the last major repair I need for the next year.

Also, kids with half days . . . picked up my 2 kids, the 2 kids we carpool with on their half day.  For once, I got to the schools early and this time I had to wait for the kids instead of them waiting for me.  Then, dropped off 2 kids, then my kids at home, to go back out to pick up 2 more kids to drop them off.  I'm big time chauffeur today.

There is a PTO mtg at one of my kids' schools, but I'm not going.  Tomorrow it's more driving to pick up kids, pick up my dad, take kids to karate.  Such is life of a mommy.  Not complaining, but between the car and chauffeuring, didn't leave much time to eat well.  Okay, I could've been more organized.

Waiting for my beau to get here to do serious cooking.  I so need a nap, but avoiding that and going to go to bed early tonight (I hope).  I pray that I will stay asleep the whole night.

Been feeling draggy all day.  I think because I slept for 4.5 hrs and woke up in the middle of a sleep cycle dreaming, then slept for another 2 hrs after being fully awake and woke up in the middle of that sleep cycle. It would be different if I woke up closer to the end or beginning of a sleep cycle, which is about 3 hrs.

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