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Day 9 - Sat, 20-Oct-2012

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.Plans are to go nowhere but to declutter & clean, okay, well, maybe take the kids to the park so they can run around and get out their energies.

Weight f/yesterday:  +0.8 lbs 

SMART GOAL:  Get to bed by 11:30 pm no matter what.

SLEEP:  ????

6:15 am - heart meds
7:00 am - 6 multi-vitamin (no iron), 6 EFAs, 1 Iron, 3 probiotics
7:45 pm - heart meds

Meal 1 (10:00 am) - a bunch of potstickers (I was feeling stressed and didn't feel like cooking - these are leftovers from the kids)

Snack (???) - 2 servings of dried Turkish apricots (too high in sugar), 1/4 cup raw almonds (a lot)

Snack (???) - a bag of baked BBQ chips (1 serving sized bag), an apple

Meal 2 (???) - frittata made by my daughter - eggs, broccoli, bacon, cheddar cheese


I expected my beau to get to work and contact me but he didn't for 3 hrs (got called into a meeting with nuns at the clinic), which he didn't think would take that long.  It did and I was worried, as I tried numerous times to contact him to no avail.  Anyway, he is fine.

My intention was to declutter and clean, and I did nothing.  I was incredibly tired and probably ended up sleeping for 3-4 hrs in the afternoon.  Uggh.  But, I felt better after the 2nd nap.

Getting tired of eating eggs.  Eating is off today.

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