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Perfect Rice Every Time!

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I made my first batch of rice yesterday since January!  EEEK!  It tasted so yummy.  I'm not going to make rice a regular part of my diet, but it was nice to just have some.  Actually, I've made 2 batches this week.  I really don't know how to manually make rice and never have.  Have always owned a rice cooker - hey, I'm Chinese and that really is WAY more efficient than how you Americans do it.  Invest in a rice cooker.  They are inexpensive.

Here's how I make perfect rice and I mean PERFECT rice every single time in a rice cooker.  Doesn't matter how much rice you put in or how big or small your rice cooker is.  It's the same every time.  Fill your rice cooker with however much rice you want.  Just note that whatever you fill it up with, you're going to get more than double that volume when you cook it, actually, closer to maybe 2.5 times (I really don't know and I'm just making this up, but it's more than double).

So, you have your rice poured into your rice cooker.  Fill up enough water into your rice cooker to where the top of your middle finger sits right on top of the right.  Let the water fill up to the first knuckle of your middle finger.  I don't know what happens if you use the other fingers, but it shouldn't really matter.  I just checked . . . the first knuckle to each of my 4 fingers (your thumb is not a finger) is the same length.

You really don't want the water below the first knuckle, unless you want rice that is crunchy and under cooked.  If you go above the first knuckle (more water), then the rice is soggy.

My method of making rice (not sure who I learned it from) is so easy you never have to measure the rice or another cup of water or any liquid.

If you want, you can also throw veggies in and cook with the rice, but the water remains the same.  You throw the veggies in AFTER you put the rice & water.

Press the button and when it's time for the rice will be done, it'll be done.

Somehow my rice cooker knows to cook brown rice longer than white rice, though, it's been years since I cooked white rice.  It also cooks things like risotto & quinoa in the same manner.  Try it.

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