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Fresh Figs

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My dad has a fresh fig tree and it's fig season.  Have you ever had a fresh fig picked from a tree?  It's the best - so juicy, tender, firm, yummilicious.  You gotta try it sometime.

This morning, my 8-yr old son made breakfast again.  It's the same eggs, but he added fresh figs to it.  Eat the fruit first because fruit digests before protein and you don't want the fruit sitting there waiting for the protein to digest and getting all nasty.  Learned this a couple years ago.

You can teach your kids how to cook, too.  I started with both of my kids around 3 yrs old, having them help me stir things and put things into dishes.  Now they both cook pretty decently.  My 11-yr old daughter makes more complicated things than my son, but she has 3 yrs up on him.

My kids are also not afraid to use spices in dishes, as they see me doing it all the time and love the tasty foods I make that are incredibly healthy.  They are following in my footsteps.

I eat at my desk - the calculator is a necessary tool

See how lovely that fig looks?  I inhaled the figs!

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