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Incredibly Blessed

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My heart pours with how incredibly blessed my life is.  Though financially there are things that I wish were better, but as I reflect upon my life and how God has every bad situation and turned them into God stories of miracles galore.  Certainly I don't deserve any of God's grace and mercy, but He imparts it to me.

A book I read awhile back regarding reframing situations is coming back to mind, though, I forget who the author is, reframing is seeing a situation through different eyes.  Yesterday was truly a miraculous day.  Ordinary things turned into extraordinary events.

Next to my children and God, I got to hear one of the nicest voices I'd ever heard.  I cannot describe what it felt like to me, but have you ever heard a voice and just fell in love with it.  God has blessed me with sight so I can see His beauty through physical eyes, but He's also given me ears to have my life enriched through sound.  My heart just melts and it's not due to the Arizona summer!  LOL.

A situation I felt distressed about yesterday turned into some wonderful.  My kids going to new schools and needing all new uniforms.  What they had before cannot be reused and the costs for the uniforms are pretty expensive to me, but between yesterday and today, and later this week, God is moving here to give us favor with others without feeling demeaned.

The past 2 days, my kids have been going through their rooms getting rid of clothes that don't fit, which this is the first time they've done this as it's usually me doing it.  All their old uniforms will be given away, sold or donated.  Since we've been so blessed that God has provided for us, we'd really like to bless those whom might really need what we have.  I'll first go to my Single Mom's group, friends, church to see if anyone needs any of what we have.  We'd like to bless others.

So many people have poured into us and we'd like to pour into the lives of others.  God is good.

This song by Rebecca St. James' brothers, 2 of them, Joel & Luke.  I sort of think figuratively this song is for me:

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