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I've noticed some things with Paleo eating and though relatively easy, sometimes it's not always as convenient.  I'm all for eliminating or reducing processed foods, but when you don't feel like cooking, this makes it a challenge for things to eat.

It's been nice to have leftovers, as this gives us more options to eat that are already made.  Yay for leftovers!

Over the weeks to come, I'm going to be adding back in some starches - like wild rice, quinoa and maybe even periodically some brown rice.  So, this is deviating some from Paleo and looking more like gluten free, although, I'm not sure quinoa would make this gluten free or not.  If I start to really gain back bodyfat, then I will minimize this, which I think this is a good idea anyway.

I've noticed in the past month, I've been getting a lot more hair loss and my hair is already thin and fine, so losing more hair than normal is very disconcerting.  I've read conflicting information regarding the Paleo diet causing and not causing hair loss.  It's a toss up for me.  I'm also not sure if it's the intense heat and being in it a lot could be a contributing factor, or that my sleep is a bit off.

So, you may be seeing some recipes that have some starches or grains - but I will do my best to still do not refined sugars or white flour products.  Lately I've had a little corn and it hasn't caused me to have intense diarrhea like it did 3 months ago.  Maybe my body in some areas is healing more?

Also, I don't know if the hair loss is really near hair growth coming in and pushing out old hairs.  Just being able to pull out clumps of hair is scary.  Within this month, I will go to my doctor's to get followup blood results regarding my sugars and other stuff.  I should've really had this done in beginning of May when I was still pretty strict on Paleo eating and exercising regularly.

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