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The journey to my new me isn't only about my diet and exercise, but it's about changing mindsets and habits, doing things better, doing things differently.

I'm embarking on new frontiers and maybe re-entering some past frontiers, but in a different light.  It's my desire to continue to be able to work from home and now I've begun another new venture that I hope will be very lucrative that I'll really like and enjoy, as well as make good money.  So, for now, this is under wraps and I really want to see how my new venture plays out over the next few months.  This should be quite exciting.

Also got to talk with my broker about new changes and plans, restructuring.  I'm really excited here that I will be engaging more with them in the near future.  It's really nice to call up your Chicago guys and they know you, your story . . . They give me great service and very personable.  They get the job done for me.  Cheers to Roger, Ed, & Michael!

That's why I continue to stick with my Allstate agent, Wes, who is the best.  Not the cheapest insurance, but he gives top-notch service.  If you're in need of a car insurance agent & live in the Phoenix area, shoot me a comment or email if you need a great agent.  I've been with him probably close to 20 yrs.  He's lasted way longer than either of my marriages put together.

This weekend I changed my cell plan to something different.  Glad I waited.  In fact, I've lasted longer than the companies of my cell provider.  I've been with them for about 17 yrs.  The deal I got is only a couple dollars more than what I was paying for a great deal more.  How great is that!  No matter who I change to, it seems like I usually get great service.  God's favor!

This year, I make some big changes, take some educated risks and just go for it.  Life is too short to live stuck, which I have for quite some time.  Getting back up.  I'm not staying here.

As I move forward in all these areas, that goes the same with my heart.  I don't think people should allow bad experiences to keep them down, but every person that we engage with teach us something about ourselves.  Some of my learnings have been pretty painful, but it seems like when you're not expecting or looking for it, just enjoying & loving who you are, it sneaks up on you.

I can truly say that I enjoy my male and female friendships, savor each of them where they are.  I get to learn to love, love differently, and love again, opening my heart to possibilities and the wonders that are out there.  I look forward to each new day with anticipation and fall asleep happy for the gifts God has dotted each of my days with.  I get to see with different eyes again, but in a better, healthier, wonderful way.

As my children change and grow, I get to go along for the ride, to help them steer towards better choices, and as we learn, we adjust.  Their spirit, their joy, love - I cannot say enough how they are inspirational to me.  Maybe, just maybe, . .. actually, the Bible says in Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together to them for good who are called according to His purpose."  Yes, God will work everything out.

This is the Year of Acceleration!  Thank you, God!

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