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About a month ago my daughter finally got into the school she's been wait listed for over 2 yrs at.  We have some financial challenges here, but, they will be overcome.  The next challenge was that my son did not get into the elementary version of this same school until Friday.  I got the call that a spot had opened up for him and I accepted.  Now I have to go through the process of registration and formally accepting the invite, and work through all the financial stuff here.

That is very exciting news that both my kids will be on the same school schedule - their schools are right next door to each other, in the same city, everything great.  Before Friday, they were in 2 different school districts in 2 different cities with 2 different schedules.  This will make things easier, to some degree.  Though, my understanding are these schools are much more challenging, which is good, because my kids need good academic challenges.

We are grateful for the time my kids were at their other school, WGI, the friendships we made, the things that were learned, etc.  But, it's time to move on here and change, grow.  I believe they will have greater opportunities here and this will allow them to go to high school here, but not face some high school of several thousands students, rather a few hundred instead.  The classrooms are much smaller, by a third or more.

Today I got to go to a Mila event in north Scottsdale.  Normally I don't have a big free spot opened and am willing to attend such things, but my friend, Steve, in UT invited me to this event.  Motivational speaker, Dr. Jeff Spencer, spoke at the end.  I would have to say I've attended a number of MLM presentations and events over the past 2 decades.  This one was pretty low key, which I really liked.  It seemed a bit homespun, which is more like me rather than real slick.

It really confirmed the things I've started or am about to embark on, and is giving me a further nudge in what I want to do.  I want to have multiple streams of viable income - both active and passive.  I want the ability to be able to work from anywhere in the world, not carry inventory, have freedom with my time to do what I believe in & love - spend time with my kids & loved ones, help people and have one of the by products be making a lot of money.  There's a cycle of pouring into the lives of other people as good things are poured into me.  I certainly don't want to be like the Dead Sea, just sucking the life out of others and not have anything flow out of you, which I do know some people who are like that.

Anyway, I'm really excited as to the next 6 months what will happen as I actively put God first, step out in faith in a number of areas to really go for my dreams in everything.  There is a solid plan and I'm daily working on it.  I am a Champion and I will make choices as a Champion.

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