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Frittatas & Quiches

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I absolutely LOVE frittatas and quiches.  They are relatively quick and easy, and very versatile.  There is something about throwing together a bunch of things and it turning into something like a very neat pie-like dish.

For frittatas, I cook them on the stove and for quiches, I bake them in the oven.  Since it's summer and very hot, it's best to not need to turn on the oven, so quiches are out.  However, frittatas are similar to egg scrambles for me, but, I allow the egg concoction to cook covered at lower heat.

You can put whatever you want in a frittata and I mean whatever you desire.  This includes leftovers, fresh ingredients, not so fresh foods, fresh foods.  It really doesn't matter.  You can put meats in there, only veggies, even fruit - spices, herbs, whatever.

Enjoy these and I will try to remember to post some frittata recipes for you all to enjoy.

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