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I strongly believe we live what we believe.  If you find that you aren't eating what your body needs or not exercising regularly or spending too much money or whatever it is, it's what you believe.  Another way to tell what people live and believe is by their checkbook, or where they spend their money. 

As I look at my summer and my actions, I can say that I believe that spending time with one's kids is really important.  It's not only taking them places, but interacting with them, cheering them on, encouraging them, discipline & correction, educating them.  We have a lot of interaction and that's been my whole summer.

Sometimes in teaching them, we cook together or we exercise together.  But, the exercising together via workouts has not been too consistent or nearly often enough. 

For most of my adult life, I've been an avid exerciser, but when I became a single parent 4+ yrs ago, it's been on/off.  In some periods of time, it's been more off than on.  There was a time when money showing up in my life was way more abundant, so if I got hurt, I could go to the doctor's with no issues.  It would typically be the chiropractor and at worst case, it would be a naturopath for hormonal or endocrine issues.  That did cost a lot of money, which is not something in the past 2.5 yrs that has been something I've had much of.

So, I have been a lot more careful with my body as the workouts are super intense and getting injured and being able to get medical help without taking drugs is not something that I can do right now.  So, maybe there is a fear here and it's not unwarranted.  I have gotten injured, as I continued to push past the signals my body was giving me.  Also, my daughter has experienced some issues, which resulted in her needing to go to the chiropractor.  Once going, she was fine.  Thankfully her visits are a fraction of the cost of an adults.  I can get about 2.5 visits for 1 adult, so I tend to put my kids first.

I do put my kids first, before me in so many things.  Don't many parents?  Okay, well, I won't talk about my kids' father who puts himself first and if there are some scraps, he may throw the way of the kids, but typically he'll even keep those for himself or to be the real hero, help someone he thinks needs help.  When it comes to his own kids, he knows that I put them first so he shirks his responsibility.  The Bible says a man who does not provide for his family is basically a real louse and just awful.  That's my paraphrase.

I saw my parents role-model putting their kids (us) first and thus I do that for my children.  I don't remember the last time I got new clothes or much of anything that didn't involve my kids that was solely for me.  Parents sacrifice and most of us do it willingly without complaint.  It's a privilege.

As we look at my belief system, it seems that taking care of myself totally isn't real high, which I probably need to make it higher so I can be around to take care of my kids, provide, and all the other things my kids need.  That includes making healthy eating choices & decisions, as well as getting regular exercise.  This doesn't even mean that I have to go hardcore, rather I just need to exercise.  Typing on the keyboard does not count.

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