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2 Day Rest

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I know, I just started back this week and took a 2 day rest.  I've been so incredibly sore from the first 2 workouts.  The past 2 days, I've been attending to mommy duties as well as to a lot of administrative things that need handling - financial stuff, legal stuff, tax stuff, medical stuff, lots and lots of errands.  Thankfully I can map out things and not waste gas, however, getting in and out of the car many, many times has not been fun.

Though I've not gotten my workouts done, I've accomplished a lot of things that I've needed to and saved money in doing so.  I've saved some money, and because of my financial situation, gotten some waivers on some fees I would owe money for.  Am actually ahead of schedule on some things because something forced me to get ahead.  It didn't reduce the stress now, but it will next month.

It's a good thing that I'm fairly organized with my time and because of that, that helped me stay on task for the things that I needed to accomplish.  And, I'm a lists person.  That helps. 

It's now nearly 9 pm and we're part way through my son's project that is due on Tuesday.  He got a project on the first week of school.  Now he just has to assemble it and then we are done.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to get a workout done.  It will probably take me nearly 2 weeks to get the first week's of Flavia's workouts done.  Oh well.  Next week I have a lot of phone calls to make.  I really don't get the legal stuff too much.

So, though I rested from working out, been super busy being very productive.  Praise God!

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