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Flavia Home - Wk 1, Day 5 - Sat, 20-Aug-2011

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Day 5 - Beautiful Backside

Time:  2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Warmup x 2 Rounds: 3:26 
- Pushups x 8 reps
- Squats x 12 reps
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Equipment Used:  Red Swiss Ball (75 cm), a pair 12 lb DBs, one 10 lb DB, a pair 15 lb DBs, black (20 lb), yellow (5 lb), green (15 lb) resistance bands, Polar Heartrate Monitor

Giant Set #1 x 2 Rounds:  4:01 (Round 1); 3:50 (Round 2)
- Single Leg DB Deadlift x 15 lb DBs x 10 reps/leg - I was thinking about moving down to 12 lb DBs as this was borderline too much.  These are with bent leg going down and I had a lot of trouble balancing on either leg, but more issues balancing on the left leg than the right leg.  I don't care for deadlifts period.
- Pushup w/Burpee ( No Jump Up) x 10 reps - I liked these.  No jumps made these rather easy.  Next time I'll probably add a jump.
- Side Plank w/Row w/Resistance Bands x (Yellow & Black = 5+20=25 lbs)  x 10 reps/side - I have 3 doors to my room - entrance, bathroom & closet.  With the bathroom & closet, there is not enough room to lie side ways to do the rows.  With the entrance to my room, it's all the way to the side and there are things like the bookcase and armoir that make it a challenge to do, but I did them anyway.

Giant Set #2 x 2 Rounds:  4:55 (Round 1); 4:31 (Round 2)
- Single Leg DB Good Morning x 12 lb DBs x 10 reps/leg - These deadlifts are done straight leg.  I had problems balancing on either of the legs.  I kept losing my balance.  I dropped down 12 lb DBs, but they really were too much for me still.  I did way worse at these than the other deadlifts.
- Pike Pushups x 10 reps - I liked these, but I could get closer to the group. 
- Kneeling High Close Grip Row w/Resistance Bands x (Green & Black = 15+20 = 35 lbs) x 10 reps -  Loved these.  This was a good weight.

Giant Set #3 x 2 Rounds: 4:08 (Round 1); 3:40 (Round 2)
- Pike Walk x 10 reps - At first 10 reps didn't seem like that much, but you have to go forward and then backward.  I went out as far as possible and could really feel my abs engage.  Good exercise, but these seem to take a long time.
- Kneeling DB Tricep Kickback w/Red Swiss Ball x 10 lb DB x 10 reps/arm - My arms were so shaky.  Attempted these at 12 lbs and had to go to 10 lbs.
Seated on Red Swiss Ball Both Arms DB Bicep Curl x 12 lb DBs x 10 reps - Good exercise.  Next time I'll take 1 leg off the ground.  Good weight.  I don't think I could've gone up to 15 lbs yet.

Giant Set #4 x 2 Rounds:  3:30 (Round 1); 3:00 (Round 2)
- Single Leg Hip Raise on Red Swiss Ball x 10 reps/leg - These were probably the most challenging to do and I couldn't do them anywhere close to how she did them in the video.
- Red Swiss Ball Roll Out x 10 reps - Could really feel my back stretch while my abs engaged.
- Mountain Climbers on Red Swiss Ball x 30 sec - Loved these.  Next time I can get my butt lower to the ground, though, to make them harder.  These would be harder on the Green Swiss Ball as that's smaller and rolls more.

Cooldown:  7:36

Warmup:  Max Heartrate = 122 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 111 bpm
Giant Set #1, R1:  Max Heartrate = 127 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 119 bpm
Giant Set #1, R2:  Max Heartrate = 134 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 129 bpm
Giant Set #2, R1:  Max Heartrate = 130 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 122 bpm
Giant Set #2, R2:  Max Heartrate = 133 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 127 bpm
Giant Set #3, R1:  Max Heartrate = 136 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 129 bpm
Giant Set #3, R2:  Max Heartrate = 138 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 129 bpm
Giant Set #4, R1:  Max Heartrate = 136  bpm; Avg Heartrate = 124 bpm
Giant Set #4, R2:  Max Heartrate = 138 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 128 bpm
Cooldown:  Max Heartrate = 134 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 117 bpm

Total Time:  42:33 (includes warmup & cooldown)
Total Calories Burned:  501 calories
Max Heartrate:  138 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  123 bpm

Zone 1 = 23:42, Zone 2 = 4:24

Notes:  I don't like deadlifts nor did I like the hip raise, but I can see the value in them.  Did deadlifts wrong a long time ago and maybe I have some sort of phobia towards these.  Think I did these properly.  I'm proud of myself that I did 3 days in a row of working out, especially when I didn't want to.  However, feeling flabby and chunky makes it easier to get motivated to workout.  My size 14 clothes were getting tight and they were so loose before that I was going to have to go down to a 12, now I was encroaching a size 16 again and I'm not going there.  Plus, I have no more size 16 clothes.

My back hasn't been feeling so great the past couple days.  Guess it's due to abs that aren't quite as strong?  I used my gigantic golf ball to help loosen my psoas muscles, as I've been doing abs stuff and it's probably tightened the psoas area which can be causing some of my back pain.

Post Workout Meal:  - Greens protein smoothie - organic baby spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen pineapple, frozen mango, a scoop of Greens, psyllium husk, vanilla coconut milk, water, cinnamon, fat free Greek yogurt.  Had this at 3:53 pm, a little more than a half hour after the workout.

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