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Soreness & Dreams

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With each workout, I get sore in different areas, or maybe MORE sore.  Yesterday and day before, my neck and armpits were sore, along with much of the rest of my body.  Weird feeling and I'm sure those areas have been sore before, but can't remember.

It's alright to handle the soreness in most areas right now, except for my lower back.  That makes me feel sort of grouchy.  I wanted to sleep for another hour, but my body just wanted to be awake, though, I had slept for probably 7.5 hrs.  Had lots of really good dreams last night. 

Anyway, wish my back wasn't so sore.  I just feel like crawling into bed again and staying there, but Sunday's are my busy days and this Sunday is even busier, as my kids have a sleepover guest and we have activities planned for this afternoon, and I am making a meal for a family who just had a baby last week. 

Aside from teaching Sunday School, grocery shopping, getting gas, laundry, making lunches for the week.  That's going to be my Sunday.  Whew!  I'm tired already.

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