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Flavia Home - Wk 1, Day 3 - Thurs,18-Aug-2011

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Last night I got 9.5 hrs of sleep.  The past 7 days has been super productive in terms of dealing with financial things and other things I need to attend to, but my exercise went to the wayside.  Also, my sleep has been intermittent and yesterday, I just had to go to sleep early and stay asleep. 

Tomorrow I have jury duty, but I won't know until this evening whether I really have it or not.  I also have other legal stuff coming up next week, which I also had this week and the last few.  It really stresses the need to be organized and to know what is going on, which I don't always.  That's taken a toll on things and though exercising is good, it is a stressor to the body and these workouts are quite challenging.

If it was cool enough outside, I would just go for a walk, but it is not and I don't want to drive to the mall and walk there, as the closest indoor mall is about 20 min. away and away from where I need to be.  Anyway, I'm glad I got this workout done.  I would like to finish Days 4 & 5 workouts Friday & Saturday.  We'll see.  That's the plan.  Looking forward to October when it gets cooler.  Though I love Arizona for its sunshine and dry weather, the summers are brutal.  I don't know how I ever played in outdoors cement raquetball courts when I was 18 yrs old in college.  That was just nuts.

As a side note, I got my heartrate monitor back from Time-Tec about 3 weeks ago.  Somehow they didn't ship my transmitter or something happened.  They shipped me a new one.  So, my Polar heartrate monitor is working well again.  No more weird readings.  Apparently you have to detach the transmitter after each use and wipe that down.  You can wash the elastic.  Detaching the transmitter & wiping the electrodes makes for better longevity & doesn't corrode them.  I didn't know that the first 4 yrs I had it.  Oops.  Time Tec gives great service & responsiveness.

All my workouts can be done at home with minimal or no equipment, and a number of them can be done at your local park or in a hotel room (if you're traveling) or in small areas.  The area I use it 5' x 8'.

Day 3 - Booty Booster

Time:  9:38 - 10:15 am

Equipment Used:  75 cm, 55 cm Swiss Balls (I don't have a 65 cm, otherwise I would use that as that probably would fit me best), yoga mat, a pair of 10 lb and 12 lb DBs, Polar RS200 Heartrate Monitor

Warmup x 2 Rounds: 4:05 
- Pushups x 8 reps
- Squats x 12 reps
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Giant Set #1 x 2 Round:  2:49 (Round 1), 3:27 (Round 2)
- Feet Close Reverse Lunge w/DB x 10 lb DBs x 10 reps/leg - The first set, my left knee didn't feel too good, but when I did the 2nd set after completing this giant set, it felt better.  Could really feel this in my glutes.
- Decline Pushups w/ Ft on Swiss Ball (Green, then Red) x 10 reps - 1st set I used the bigger Red Swiss Ball.  It was too big, so 2nd set I used the smaller Green Swiss Ball.
- Swiss Ball Back Extensions (Green, then Red) x 10 reps - Started off 1st set with the bigger Red Swiss Ball.  Too big for this exercise.  Used the smaller Green Swiss Ball for 2nd set.  This was better.  I didn't put my hands behind my head, rather at my side.  In Flavia's video she had her hands behind her head and I didn't know this until afterwards.

Giant Set #2 x 2 Rounds:  3:53 (Round 1), 3:55 (Round 2)
- Green Swiss Ball Leg Curl (both legs) x 10 reps - This is a good exercise.  I started off with the Green Swiss ball and this was a good size.
- DB Shoulder Press w/Calf Raise x 10 lb/12 lbs DBs x 10 reps - No issues.  Used 10 lbs first set, 2nd set increased to 12 lb DBs.
- Bent Over DB Row w/Chest on Red Swiss Ball x 10 lb DBs x 10 reps - No issues.
- Lying on Red Swiss Ball DB Pullover x 10 lb DBs x 10 reps - Thought I could use 12 lbs here, but I was wrong.  Glad I only started off with 10 lb DBs.

Giant Set #3 x 2 Rounds:  2:56 (Round 1), 2:28 (Round 2)
- Reverse Hip Extension on Green Swiss Ball w/Hips on Swiss x 10 reps - LOVE these.
- Red Swiss Ball DB Preacher Curls x 12 lb DBs x 10 reps - 1st set I did the curls with my arms angled on the ball.  2nd set I did the curls extended straight out.
- Red Swiss Ball DB Skull Crusher x 12 lb DBs x 10 reps - No issues.

Giant Set #4 x 2 Rounds: 4:19 (Round 1), 3:56 (Round 2)
- Single Leg Curl on Green Swiss Ball x 10 reps/leg - These were a big challenge.  They were fine with 2 legs, but when you do them 1-leg, it greatly increases the challenge.
- Green Swiss Ball Reverse Double Crunch x 10 reps - No real issues.
- Lying Green Swiss Ball Crossover x 10 reps/leg - These were challenging.  I messed these up as I thought I remembered Flavia doing them with the ball to the side, but she didn't do them that way.  Next time I'll do these correctly, but they were still hard the way I did them.

Cooldown:  4:27 (didn't really do a proper cooldown)

Warmup:  Max Heartrate = 110 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 103 bpm
Giant Set #1, R1:  Max Heartrate = 119 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 111 bpm
Giant Set #1, R2:  Max Heartrate = 119 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 114 bpm
Giant Set #2, R1:  Max Heartrate = 116 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 110 bpm
Giant Set #2, R2:  Max Heartrate = 123 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 116 bpm
Giant Set #3, R1:  Max Heartrate = 123 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 115 bpm
Giant Set #3, R2:  Max Heartrate = 123 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 118 bpm
Giant Set #4, R1:  Max Heartrate = 118  bpm; Avg Heartrate = 111 bpm
Giant Set #4, R2:  Max Heartrate = 115 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 108 bpm
Cooldown:  Max Heartrate = 120 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 113 bpm

Total Time:  36:18 (includes warmup & cooldown)
Total Calories Burned:  352 calories
Max Heartrate:  123 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  112 bpm

Notes:  This was a good workout.  Not sure if I could've done 3 sets of each, but I'm glad I decided to do 2 Rounds of each Giant Set.  1 Round would've been too easy.

Post Workout Meal:  - Greens protein smoothie - kale, frozen blueberries, frozen mangoes, a scoop of Greens, psyllium husk, vanilla coconut milk, water, cinnamon, fat free Greek yogurt.  Did this right after the cooldown.  Yay!

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