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Swiss Balls

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Here is a picture of my Swiss Balls.  The green ball is 55 cm and the red ball is 75 cm.  I really just need a 65 cm ball, which I don't know what color that is.  However, I don't need 3 balls and I just alternate between using these 2 balls.  For certain exercises, the bigger ball works and other exercises (like pushups or leg curls) the green ball is easier to handle. 

Although in the picture the balls don't look like there is a huge difference, in real life, it is.  What was really cool is I got one ball for free (I think) many years ago and the red ball, a guy sold it to me for $5 and threw in some other equipment that he just wanted to get rid of.  That has happened to me a couple times where someone has thrown in some equipment that they just didn't want for free.  I like free!!!

Praise God and bless those people.  It sure makes my home gym way less expensive and affordable for this single mommy.

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