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Flavia Home - Wk 1, Day 2 - Wed, 10-Aug-2011

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My glutes are sooo sore.  I'm overall less tired today than I was the past 2 days.  However, most everything below my mid-abs to my ankles are sore.  Even my lats are sore from just those lat pulldowns from yesterday.  Guess I did use good form.

Sort of looked forward to today's workout, though, it's 6 sets.

Day 2 - Showoff Stomach

Time:  10:22 am - 11:05 am

Warmup x 2 Rounds: 6:06 (this included setup time)
- Pushups x 10 reps
- Squats x 12 reps
- Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
- Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Giant Set #1 x 1 Round:  5:02
- DB Situp (Straight Arms Overhead to Straight Arms Above Knees) x 5 lb DB x 10 reps - no issue, but could really feel my abs
- Red Swiss Ball Crunch w/Feet on Wall x 10 reps - I tried using the Green Swiss ball, but couldn't stay on.  Could barely do these on the Red Swiss ball, which is larger.  Very unstable for me.  After this exercise, my abs seized up and started cramping big time.  I had to take some time off.
- Green Swiss Ball Jackknife x 10 reps/leg  - I didn't attempt this as my abs were so cramped, so I decided to do the cardio and hope that my abs felt better afterwards.

Giant Set #2 x 1 Round:  6:42
- Jump Rope (Alternating Feet) x 20 sec x 10 rest x 8 rounds - modified as I couldn't jump rope for 2 min. straight, but this was still 2 min. of jumping rope.  With this, my abs started to untightened.
- Running High Knee x 30 sec - felt good
- Plank x 30 sec - no issues, could've easily gone to a minute

Giant Set #3 x 1 Round:  5:56
- Mountain Climber Crossover w/Green Swiss Ball x 10 reps/leg - couldn't do, fell off a lot & hurt my leg
- Red Swiss Ball Against Wall Touchdown (Plank on Ball) x 10 reps/hand - these were easy
DB Russian Twist on Red Swiss Ball x 5 lbs x 10 reps/side - no issues

Giant Set #4 x 2 Rounds:  4:39
- Jumping Jacks x 30 sec - these felt good compared to the exercises
- Walk x 30 sec - loved this
Running High Wide Knee  x 30 sec - this felt awkward
- Walk x 30 sec  - no issues

Giant Set #5 x 1 Round:  5:21
- Side Plank w/Knee Crunch x 10 reps/side -the first side I could do without my free hand touching the floor, but the 2nd side, I had to use a couple fingers to balance enough.  Eventually I want to do these without the free hand on the floor.
- DB V-Up (Legs Straight Up) x 5 lb DB x 10 reps - could really feel my abs
- Plank Twist on Green Swiss Ball x 4 reps/side - after 4 reps/side, I couldn't stay on

Giant Set #6 x 1 Rounds: 1:45
- Lateral Hops x 30 sec - no issues
- Burpee to Jump Up x 30 sec - no issues
- Squat Jump x 30 sec - feeling so tired, could barely do these

Cooldown:  7:08

Warmup:  Max Heartrate = 153 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 100 bpm
Giant Set #1:  Max Heartrate = 102 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 93 bpm
Giant Set #2:  Max Heartrate = 110 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 101 bpm
Giant Set #3:  Max Heartrate = 110 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 104 bpm
Giant Set #4:  Max Heartrate = 119  bpm; Avg Heartrate = 112 bpm
Giant Set #5:  Max Heartrate = 117  bpm; Avg Heartrate = 110 bpm
Giant Set #6:  Max Heartrate = 127  bpm; Avg Heartrate = 120 bpm
Cooldown:  Max Heartrate = 126 bpm; Avg Heartrate = 106 bpm

Total Time:  42:41 (includes warmup & cooldown)
Total Calories Burned:  353 calories
Max Heartrate:  153 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  105 bpm

Notes:   I had a lot of issues with doing 1 legged things on the Swiss Ball.  Was a bit disappointed that I couldn't do all the exercises, but I will have the next 5-6 weeks to practice and get this down better.  If my abs didn't seize up, I could've finish in less time.  I have 2 Swiss Balls.  One is a big Red Swiss ball and the other is a much smaller Green Swiss Ball.  I think I need something in between, but these are the ones I have and not going to get another ball.

My body felt less overall sore as I worked out, but probably within a few hours, I'll feel the workout more.  I can really feel that my abs got a good working.  It's going to take me a bit to get to 3 Rounds of each Giant Set.

Post Workout Meal:  11:30 am
- Greens Protein Smoothie:  kale, fat free Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen mango, cinnamon, banana, psyllium husk, coconut milk, water ---> Today I made a little more than yesterday, but not as much as I used to make.  Added mango & water

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