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I have learned personally some of the methods in how God speaks to me.  Personally, I have never heard a voice come out of the sky speaking to me.  Instead, often God speaks to me in creative ways - sometimes in numbers, circumstances, things happening around me.  He makes it really relevant to me and He knows I enjoy puzzles and word, number, or color codes.

God does speak to everyone, but I do believe that many people do not listen, me included.

Anyway, the other day, maybe yesterday or the day before, the name Zachary came up over and over again.  Yes, I do know some people with this name, mainly children, but other than that and the Bible, it doesn't mean a whole lot to me.  However, when it showed up several times in what I thought were unlikely "coincidences", I looked up the name to see what it meant.  God also knows I love language and sometimes He speaks to me in code this way.

Zachary means "Remembered by God".  That speaks to me, but today I wanted to know more about this name.  On a website I found and that spoke even more

People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.

That describes me, though, maybe more so before a series of events happened in my life.  God is telling me He remembers me and the desires He put in my life so long ago as a little girl, that He has not forgotten.

In addition, maybe this world says I am now too old, but He took me to an article of a famous person that He didn't attain what He had until well after 50 years old, which I am encroaching on and will be in a few short years.  God, YOU alone are my true and only Hope.  I trust in You to move mountains for me as I step out in faith in actions.

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