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This morning while driving back from taking the kids to school to begin my work and to get up the courage to keep going with all the governmental things to deal with.  Some are easier to tackle than others, especially if I don't really have any negative emotional ties.  Today I'm supposed to continue working on my IRS stuff to resolve them, but I really don't want to.

My only thing there is I need to make one call to get some legal help, so that's it.  From there, I need to take the next step.  

I must trust that God will help me walk through all this and once all this is done, then I will once again have freedom to live and to make money, but my IRS issue must be taken care of once and for all and then left behind after it's all done.  This is the last 10% that I just need to finish, as I've already walked through the hardest 90% in the past years.

God is faithful, but faith without works is DEAD, so I must take action and step out in FAITH.  

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