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I've been wanting to update my blog for quite awhile now.  And most days, I don't finish my work early enough but I am determined to make my blog more user friendly, making searching easier and for it to be more visually appealing.

It's a lot of pressure on top of everything else I have to blog every day and really, it's a laundry list of things I need to do, which is fine for me.  However, for my readers, it's much different.  Still I want to share my life, but in a different format so that you can go to the sections you really care about and not those you do not.

From now on, I'll keep my To Do List separate, as that's just really personal.

However, I want my blog to be useful to YOU the reader and I hope you will like the new format.  Please let me know what you think or what you would like to see information wise.  I am testing this new format, which I already like MUCH better.

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