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Isaiah 28:16-29 - Diligence

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This morning when I awoke, I asked the Lord what Word He had for me today and the word was, "Diligence" and He took me to Isaiah 28:16-29.  As I read that passage, I wondered how the word Diligence applied to this.
I could have pulled out my dictionary, but rather I just went to Google for a definition -

careful and persistent work or effort.
synonyms:conscientiousness, assiduousness, assiduityhard workapplication,concentration,
effortcare, industriousness, rigor, meticulousness,thoroughness; 
perseverance,  persistencetenacitydedication,commitment, tirelessness, 

What struck me was the word "careful" and a commitment, thoroughness, hard work, concentration and application.  As I read, thinking about Diligence, though this does not seem like a happy passage, it talks about laying a good foundation.  Christ is the Cornerstone, He is my foundation.  But, I think God was telling me not only that, but also in the area of finances.

Get rid of the things that do not serve me well and allow me to soar, so today I will be diligently working on that until I get it it resolved to the next point and this area, I need to keep on until it's totally resolved.  I never finished this and this could be a huge stumbling block for not only me, but my husband and children and I am responsible for it.

The next thing was that to do a task requires certain tools.  Another task requires different tools.  Not every task you accomplish by using the same tools.  God takes every individual into account and according to who they are, the things they've gone through, and so many other things, that no two are alike.  So, when dealing with people, circumstances, I must remember this.

I'm not sure of all of what God is talking about for today, but I am going to let Him lead and direct.

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