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Sometimes when we think that we are older, or something is older, or that we've made too many mistakes and some things cannot be undone, that it's hopeless, but God says it's different if we put our trust in Him to not only restore, but to bring about things as if they were new.

Though I do love new things, I've always been fascinated with taking old things, especially those things that people have given up on and see if they can be restored and brought back to life in a different and better way.  When I was a kid, I loved shows like "This Old House" because it wasn't about making something brand new, rather it was taking something that really looked bad, too weathered, too worn and turning it into some incredibly beautiful.

I have made many mistakes and some things are so ingrained in me, but I'm not beyond God's hope and neither are my circumstances.  I kind of feel like "This Old House" and God is working on me to create something even better.  It doesn't magically happen, poof, it's done, but as I remember, sometimes the old has to be stripped away before new, better stuff can be brought in.

Over these past number of years, God has been allowing things to be stripped in my life and I'm beginning to see God bringing in new things to begin the process of rebuilding.  However, as with the prior song, God still has some things to strip from me of past baggage that needs to be dealt with before He can full bring in all the new and better things.

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