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The One I'm Running To

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This was my first time hearing this song as when I take the kids to school, I love to listen to KFLR, which is Family Life Radio, a Christian radio station.  I used to not like this station as much in my 30s because the songs were too slow, but I think they changed some of the songs they play and it's a little bit easier than K-LOVE or especially Air1, but it has a really good mix now.  It's my favorite radio station.

This song really touched my heart and I could relate.  My husband and I have experienced some really tough stuff as we meld several cultures together, raising our two children (a teenager and a tween).  Everything has been a challenge, but we can see that God is working and making things happen.

The enemy, the ruler of this world, Satan, wants to make us feel disillusioned and discouraged at following Jesus, saying that our hope is in the wrong place.  But, the fact is, maybe for a time we experience some unpleasantries and in the end, God will be victorious.

Taking one day at a time and seeing God do some really great miracles as we walk through all of this with Him.  Some days are so incredibly challenging, but all we need to do is fix our eyes on Jesus and keep running to Him.  When we can't even take a step, He will carry us.  Who do you run to?

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