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It will take me quite some time to get the menu all sorted out and situated.  I'm learning how to do this and I'm liking the looks of this, however, in Blogger, getting this in the order I want isn't quite as easy in terms of maneuverability.

I started this blog almost 4 years ago and it has a lot of information with many hundreds of posts.  Thankfully I did do some labeling, but organizing it in a useful manner will be my challenge.  I will NOT be rewriting or editing past blog entries, but going forward, instead of having one blog posting that encompasses many things, it will mainly focus on ONE thing - whatever that is.

So, if you click on my MENU bar and you don't see anything, it's because I haven't gotten to working on that section yet.  So PLEASE BE PATIENT.  You can also do a search in my blog in the upper right corner on keywords.

For now, I decided not to include a LABELS section as this is very long and just looked too cumbersome to me.  I wanted to keep my blog looking much neater.  Well, until next time.

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