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Vacation 2014 - Day 3 - Monday, 7-Jul-2014

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What Love Looks Like - Among the Thirsty

5 GRATITUDES (Thank you, Heavenly Papa!):
  • Thank you God for a nicer place to stay.
  • Thank you God for safety in driving.  
  • Thank you God for Your amazing scenery.
  • Thank you God for food to eat.
  • Thank you God for technology.
  • We've spent more on food than I planned, which I planned on us making sandwiches, but it's been a challenge to do this, although we brought stuff with us, with the limited space we have.  We were in 4 states and it's beautiful countryside.  We notice speed limits greatly vary from state to state, as well as how the drivers driver.

    We are seeing lots of beautiful scenery and in some parts, it's fairly remote.  Lots of green and gorgeous areas.  Overall people are friendly.  It's been hotter than we thought it would be.  Eventually it would be nice to have a big, newer vehicle that gets good gas mileage and low maintenance to travel in.  The car is small and drives well, and way less expensive to gas up than our Explorer, but room is a commodity and there just isn't a lot of room.

    We have all been eating less, so I'm guessing we'll all lose some weight.  The big cities can be intimidating.  The small towns price gouge.  So far, we've found the Phx area's gas to be far less than anywhere else.  We haven't hit $4/gal yet, but close.  Our biggest expenses are lodging, gas, food.

    Thankfully the next few days we are in a medium city and there are big supermarkets to buy stuff.  Hopefully we can save there, but I wish this room had a microwave as the last one did.  But, it's a lot cleaner.

    My husband is doing 99% of the driving and I didn't realize how rusty I am at driving outside of the Phx area, as he always does the driving.  I become nervous Nellie at times.  I appreciate that he can stay awake and let me relax some.  I think he gets nervous when I drive because I get nervous.

    Did hiking.  Love fresh clean air!!!
  • Probiotic & 2x krill oil - forgot
  • My heart meds, hair supps, Multi-vitamins, cinnamon, Zn, Mg, Ca, selenium supp, Vit E - breakfast
  • Water - a little
  • Did EFT for:  none
  • Trigger Point Work (or Myofascia Release) - none
  • TENS unit - none
  • ??? - 6:15 am - not enough sleep and had a hard time sleeping after I woke up at 3:30 am, but I did eventually fall back asleep
Breakfast (8:00 am) - a raisin bagel with cream cheese and blueberry yogurt, some apple juice

Snack (???) - orange Fanta, some cookies, chips

Lunch:  (12:15 pm) - McDouble, some fries

Dinner:  (8:00 pm) - McDouble, some fries ---> This cost more than double where we were at on everything.

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