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I have been a yoyo dieter, exerciser, sleeper and that is really not good.  My beau says I always go after extreme natural ways to get to my goals, but because they are extreme, it is a challenge to continue for too long periods of time.  Last year I did pretty well with going 5 months, but when summer hit, it was way too hot and I just couldn´t bring myself to cook in a smelting hot kitchen, nor exercise in the house (or outside) when I was already profusely sweating without even lifting a finger.

My weight (and size) has been gradually, but rather quickly reducing.  We are gradually increasing exercise, but we are predominantly walking.  My beau is pretty sore from the jump roping and warm-up that it´s going to take him some conditioning to be able to do these things more frequently.  In the meantime, we have now exercised for 3 days in a row, walking each today.  Today I hope to add maybe some jumping jacks, squats, or something like that during our walk, even if he doesn´t do it.

My leg muscles are big and I can take the torture.

In the meantime, we are still watching our portions.  My beau is eating a bit more starch than me, while I opt for less or no starch foods.  Last night, he had brown rice and I ate Cauli-Rice.  It really helps a great deal when my beau helps me make the Cauli-Rice (added turmeric, garlic, orange pepper, green onions, cilantro).  He loves chopping the cauliflower and I finish "ricing" it in the food processor.

I am down to eating 3 meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There is typically 5 hrs between my meals and I am usually hungry all the time, even after eating a meal because I am now down to eating about half of what I used to, or less.  No snacking in between.

In September, I had gained 21 of the 25 pounds I lost from Jan-May.  I know, uggggh.  Too much ice cream, no exercise, eating fast food.  However, of the 21 lbs I gained, I have 7 lbs more to have that 25 lb weight loss.

This time, I am not being extreme in taking weekly pictures, measurements, etc.  I do weigh myself daily so I can gauge how I should be eating or exercising the next day.

Will attempt to post more Paleo or low carb type recipes as I create them.

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