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A New Year

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Happy 2013 Everyone!

I am so delayed in writing here but let me assure you that I have been conscious about my health choices.  I did gain 3 pounds from 14-Dec-2012 to 7-Jan-2013.  That's 3 lbs in 24 days.  Ugggh.  HOWEVER, there is good news.  Today is 9-Jan-2013.  I am down those 3 lbs and another 2 pounds more.

How did I lose 5 lbs in 2 days?

I would have to admit, since my beau moved here, we have been regularly drinking Cokes and I have become addicted to this awful drink that tastes so yummy.  The past 3 days, I have only had 1 sip on Monday and Tuesday each.  Today I have not drank any Coke.  Praise God!

Ok, I didn´t finish my original post and now this is 5 days since I have decided to give up Cokes.  Now, that doesn´t mean that I cannot have a sip every now and then.  My cravings have greatly reduced and the past 2 days I have had no cravings for any junk or sugar.

My weight is now at the lowest it´s been since July, so Praise God!  My daughter says my booty looks smaller.  I feel smaller.  My clothes are feeling less tight.  I am about 6 lbs less than when the dr weighed me on Monday morning.

Yes, I know some of it is water weight, but I´ll take it.  I haven´t gone back to complete Paleo, but I have also greatly reduced my grain & starch intake and I am low sugar.  Have not been counting sugars, but I am sure it´s under 15 g per day, as I used to do that and the foods I am eating have super little or none.

I am not snacking and really eating more like 3 meals/day instead - 7 am, 12-1:30 pm, 5-6 pm (sometimes later).  Had been totally craving chocolate Mon-Wed, but I feel good yesterday and today.  If I am going to eat chocolate, it´ll be at least 85% dark chocolate and low in sugar.  I get 2 thin bars from Trader Joe´s of an 85% dark chocolate for $1.49.  I´ll give you the stats later, but I really eat 2 squares, which is like a fraction of a serving.  I will pair this with some raw almonds and that really hits the spot.  Add some coconut flakes and you have a very healthy almond joy.

My beau has been helping keep me accountable on portion sizes and he says that it´s not good to eat all the eggs I have been eating.  We go through for 4 of us about 6-8 eggs per day, 7 days per week.  I will be looking for other non egg alternatives for breakfast that also don´t include grains.  I am not going to be hardcore on the starches and grains, but I know when I consume too much of these, weight loss slows down.

So, my doctor wants me to lose 20 lbs in 7-8 weeks.  Six of those pounds are gone in the first 5 days.  I know it won´t keep at this rate, but it does seem like maybe the 20 lbs is a little more achievable dropping weight quickly initially without really dieting.

I am thankful for the stuff I did last year as it is helping me not to be overwhelmed with the food thing.  I want to incorporate some green protein smoothies into our eating, as that would be very healthy and save me one meal or this could be my after workout meal.

Anyway, where I am right now is just reducing the portions of what I am eating, eliminating Cokes and drinking water, eating low sugar (I do not use artificial sweeteners, BTW), and reducing grains & starches.  When you reduce grains & starches, we naturally eat more vegetables.  Time to stock up on cauliflower.

Maybe this weekend I´ll make a roasted chicken ground flaxseed crusted pizza with a kale pesto.  Sound so yummy and if you buy the roasted chicken (Safeway has $5 items today - Friday), this pizza can be made in less than an hr from start to finish.  While the pizza crust is cooking, you can make the kale pesto.

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