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Workout - Wed, 30-Nov-2011 (Bootcamps on Demand Squat and Pushup Mania)

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I am still recovering from my bad cold, laryngitis and not fully healed, but I felt well enough to workout today and had the time.  Went to the park and it was about 45° F.  However, by the time I finished the pushups, I was ready to take my jacket off.  Had my normal post workout smoothie afterwards, but that was somewhat of a mistake.  The yogurt caused me to get really phlegmy and my cough has gotten really bad since consuming 2/3rds of what I normally consume.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, as now I can't have this as a recovery drink nor anything cold.  My chest is hurting a lot from all the coughing I'm doing, which that hasn't been too bad until I had that smoothie, which is icey cold.

This wasn't Scott's original workout for the Squat and Pushup Mania, rather a modified he told me in the comments section.

The point of this workout was to do this with both squats and pushups individual.  You start off the 1st min. with one pushup.  With each consecutive minute, you add 1 more rep.  All the minutes are continuous until you can't do anymore.

My results were:

Pushups - Finished with Minute 20.

Squat Jumps - Finished completely with Minute 30, and got 29 reps on Minute 31.

Abs Finisher x 4
- Alternating Prone Arm Raise x 15 reps
- Russian Twist (feet on ground) x 15 reps
- Plank x 30 sec

The Abs Finisher, I was unable to do the Suicide Planks as I didn't want to make my elbows raw.  Was going to do 2 min. Planks, but my arms & chest were so tired from the pushups, I could not hold a plank for much more than 30 sec. 

Times & Heartrates:
Warmup:  3:56; Max HR = 139 bpm, Avg HR = 90 bpm
Pushups:  20:16; Max HR = 211 bpm, Avg HR = 97 bpm
Rest:  3:05; Max HR = 107 bpm, Avg HR = 95 bpm
Squat Jumps:  31:04; Max HR = 138 bpm, Avg HR = 116 bpm
Rest:  4:46; Max HR = 112 bpm, Avg HR = 106 bpm
Abs Finisher
- Round 1:  2:26; Max HR = 117 bpm, Avg HR = 112 bpm
- Round 2:  2:06; Max HR = 119 bpm, Avg HR = 113 bpm
- Round 3:  2:03; Max HR = 118 bpm, Avg HR = 114 bpm
- Round 4:  2:00; Max HR = 117 bpm, Avg HR = 112 bpm
Cooldown/Stretch:  11:57; Max HR = 112 bpm, Avg HR = 105 bpm

Total Time:  1:23:40
Calories Burned:  702
Max Heartrate:  211 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  108 bpm
Zone 1 = 6:56, Zone 2 = 6:38, Zone 3 = 0:06

Notes:  This workout was just way too long.  I didn't really hardly sweat with this, but I was tired near the last few minutes of the pushups and squat jumps.  I prefer Scott's other workouts where there is more continuous movement.  When I was doing very few reps, I did do other things in terms of movement so as to not just sit or stand there doing nothing.

When the meat of the workout is longer than 30 min., I don't like it.  I really like to keep my total workouts, which includes warmup and cooldown, to under 40-45 min.  This was more than 1/2 hr beyond that.

As I write this at 1:52 am MST (yes, I know I should be sleeping), my triceps are pretty sore, as my abs, hams/quads, pecs and even my upper back.  We'll see how I do later in the day.

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