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Bodyfat Update

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Yesterday I decided to measure my bodyfat, but I did not step on the scale.  One horrifying number was enough.  I also did not take any body tape measurements and rather just using my clothes as a gauge, which have been fitting tight, at least my winter clothes, as I did not have a bigger size, which is what I needed.  Ugggh.

Anyway, on 2-May-11, I was at my lowest weight and bodyfat that I had been at since 2007-08 (around my divorce time).  My bodyfat was 23.25% with a total of 350.625" in total body measurements (16 areas).  On 6-Jun-2011, with no exercise in May that I can remember, my weight increased by 8 lbs scale weight, my bodyfat going to 25.57%.  I believe I gained some water, but mainly fat weight.  Not good.  I also went up to 359.125" in total body measurements.  NOT GOOD!

Yesterday my bodyfat was 30.45%, so I gained another almost 5% bodyfat.  I don't know if that would mean another gain of 13.6 lbs, as that would put me at an all time high, being fatter than when I was pregnant and heavier.  I doubt that.

I just checked my waist measurement and it's 33".  Arggggh!  On 2-May-2011, it was 30.5", so I gained 2.5" in my waist!  Lots of work needed.

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