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I'm wondering why the past couple weeks I've been having a craving for chocolate milk.  For one, I find cow's milk or even goat's milk disgusting.  However, I will drink periodically a nut or coconut milk.  In general, I really don't like milk altogether.  Not much of a chocolate lover, however, since turning 40, I have wanted chocolate more often.

But, now this combination of wanting CHOCOLATE MILK, I'm a little confused.  That combination, as a kid, repulsed me and even into my adulthood, up until now. 

Normally I do drink my post workout smoothies, which usually contains about 20g or more of fat free Greek yogurt.  Before that, when my budget allowed, I would actually consume 30-40 g of protein powder from either Isagenix or Prograde.  Never did I have cravings then for milk or chocolate milk.  Plus, I am semi-lactose intolerant, though, the Greek yogurt doesn't bother me at all.

I've been working out more and probably not taking in as much protein, so that might be why I want milk.  Though, why am I not craving chicken or beef or something like that?  Something that doesn't upset my stomach and send me to diarrheaville? 

If you crave chocolate, is that a magnesium deficiency?  I know periodically when my period was pretty heavy, maybe once or twice a year I would crave chocolate.  But, chocolate cravings are rare, just not like milk.  I've never craved milk until the past couple weeks.

Well, if you know the answer, please make a comment.

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