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Before Christmas

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I've done pretty well this holiday season with not over indulging, however, today I finally stepped on my home scale, which I have not done since Jun'11.  It's really quite horrifying.  I've put on 10 lbs since then, which is a little more than a pound a month average.  Though, I think in the past month, I've been probably losing weight than gaining.  In May, I did not do well and gained quite a bit back in that month alone due to the stress of being in court 3 times and what those court appearances were - pretty bad.

Where am I?  I gained back all the weight I had lost in Ageless Abs 1 and 2, as well as a little more on top of that.  Really not good as it was really a hard thing to take off the weight in the first place.  I was probably at my worst and highest weight in early November or October.  Not sure, just guessing on how my clothes fit.  They are fitting a little better right now than a month ago.  Too bad I didn't weigh myself then.

Anyway, nothing I can do to undo the past, so I might as well face the cold, hard truth and begin working from here.  Right now, I'm on an antibiotic for 10 days (7 more to go), that causes a loss in appetite and it's particular in how to take it.  This means I'm eating less.

I've not worked out in about 1.5 weeks, but hope to get back to my workouts on either Tues (tomorrow) or Wed.  My kids have a half day of school tomorrow.

Really, I need to get back to eating more salads, drinking more water, eliminating grains & starches, adding more lean proteins, reducing refined sugars and I need to do this every day consistently, not sporadically when I feel like it.  Maybe I need to set my expectations differently so that I can be ultimately successful, like way lower my expectations and set a goal maybe to release 1 pound a month.  Sure, it'll take me now 3-4 yrs to get to my goal, but if I never regain the weight, that will be better.  Life will be more enjoyable that way.

I do need to detox my body, so I've been considering maybe going completely vegetarian for 2-3 weeks, and then gradually add back meat into the plan.  For me, since I don't do a lot of soy, getting enough protein may be an issue. 

My kids have a Christmas party at school tomorrow, life group going out for Thai on Wednesday night, and 2 different Christmas meals on Christmas.  Maybe I'll just load up on water & vegetables and end up eating less at all those events? 

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