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Workout - Thurs, 1-Dec-2011 (Bootcamps on Demand HIIT)

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This morning I woke up to rain that did not subside as I took the kids to school.  Was so in the mood to do HIIT as it took all of me and my kids to help me get up.  Only got about 2-3 hrs of sleep as horrific coughing and staying up too late ensued.  My body was also incredibly sore from yesterday's workout.  But, I managed to put on my workout clothes and be ready to workout.  My goal was to do Sprint Intervals.

However, it rained all the way to my kids' school and after leaving.  I prayed very briefly and by the time I got to the park, it was only sprinkling.  The area I was going to do sprints was muddy and I was so disappointed.  Got back in my car and decided to drive around the park to see if I could think of any ideas of what to do for exercise, even if it sprinkled.  Pouring rain, I was not going to, but sprinkles, yes.

Decided to chance it and at the other end of the park that is more elevated, I parked and went to a higher grounded soccer field.  It was just slightly damp, but the grass there was much denser than where I originally planned.  No mud!!!  I realized my legs were so sore that I could not do sprints, so I changed it to a longer run with walk intervals. 

Walk/Run HIIT x 8 rounds:
Run = 1 min
Walk = 2 min

Warmup (5 min):  Max HR = 97 bpm, Avg Hr = 91 bpm
Round 1:  Max HR = 185 bpm, Avg Hr = 116 bpm
Round 2:  Max HR = 174 bpm, Avg Hr = 132 bpm
Round 3:  Max HR = 123 bpm, Avg Hr = 116 bpm
Round 4:  Max HR = 126 bpm, Avg Hr = 120 bpm
Round 5:  Max HR = 126 bpm, Avg Hr = 120 bpm
Round 6:  Max HR = 126 bpm, Avg Hr = 122 bpm
Round 7:  Max HR = 126 bpm, Avg Hr = 122 bpm
Round 8:  Max HR = 129 bpm, Avg Hr = 122 bpm
Cooldown (13 min):  Max HR = 118 bpm, Avg Hr = 103 bpm

Total Time:  41:56
Calories Burned:  410
Max Heartrate:  185 bpm
Avg Heartrate:  112 bpm
Zone 1 = 7:38

Notes:  I'm so glad I started this month off well and healthy, physically active without excuses.  God really changed the weather to be perfect for me while I worked out.  The sun just peaked out from the rain clouds and He held back the rain and wind.  The wind picked up shortly after I finished.  As I ran, my legs were so incredibly sore, with every step.  Thankfully I was on the grass, as it was much less stress than being on the sidewalk, which was wet and slippery.

God is so good.  Two workouts done this week and I'm so proud in a humble sort of way.  Let's see tomorrow how things go.  Often times 2 days after I feel worse.  God, I give this to you!

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