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5-Day Food Journal: Day 5

Yesterday I felt good all day.  I did not need a nap nor feel like I needed a nap.  My energy level was stable all day and I actually felt sleepy about 10:30 pm and went to bed about 11 pm.  It helped that I was not in/out of the heat until it was early evening, when it had cooled down.

Yesterday I had a chance to eat a gourmet cupcake after my children's musical theater performance with my sister & her husband, but I declined.  They looked so incredibly delicious, but I thought about having to write that in my journal and that I couldn't even make it through 4 days of relatively good eating?  How pathetic is that?  I thought about not reaching my goals and how Scott has taught us so many good and life changing things, but what was I doing?  Going against the life changing things I learned for what? 

I am where I am because of the choices I've made.  I see how Gina & James are making progress towards their goals.  It hasn't been easy for them and they have been diligent even though they are not getting fast results, but they are getting results and good ones.  I'm so proud of them.

We all have our own stories and places where we are and need to find that thing where we put a stake in the ground and stop making excuses.  They have done that and from my actions, it doesn't look like I have.  I could give the excuse that I have young children and all these socials.  Well, James and Gina also have socials. 

Meal 1 (8:45 am):  3 organic scrambled eggs w/ground pepper, sea salt, grapeseed oil (0 g sugar)

World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer
Meal 2 (12:00 pm):  handful of organic mixed greens w/tuna white bean salad (3/4 cup) and probably less than 1/4 apple very thinly sliced ---> I liked the addition of the apple which gave it a slight sweetness (4 g sugar) 

My kids and I got this vegetable slicer earlier this summer, along with a panini grill (a great find at Goodwill), and cherry pitter.  Sometimes kids don't want to bite into a hard apple or even want those wedge slices, but this spiral vegetable slicer makes it a lot more fun.  The cherry pitter helps a lot because the kids don't want to bite into pits and I could make a cherry pie if they depit the cherries.  Saves money here to make your own sauce rather than buy the canned stuff that has preservatives.

I'll have to take some pics, but they get different types of slices here that are fun that they can do themselves.  You can also use pears, but you cannot use any fruits that are mushy or have pits in them.  You can also use vegetables that also have a harder consistency like many of the squashes (you'll have to cut down the ones that are really large in shape, any potatoes.  You can probably even do onions.

I also have had a mandolin for many years, but that doesn't have interchangable blades.  I can only do slices and vary the slice thickness on that.  And, I have a food processor that can do julienne, slicing, grating, but I don't know where the blades are.  They are packed in some box.

Meal 3 (2:00 pm):   10 thin fish sticks - (4.5 g sugar), 3 tbspns ketchup (6 g sugar)

Meal 4 (5:00 pm):  1 medium slice of tomato (0.5 g sugar) w/1 slices of fresh mozzarella cheese & 1.5 fresh raw medium figs (12.2 g sugar) --> This was a really good combination.

Meal 5 (7:30 pm):  baked parmesean chicken breast w/1.5 cups cooked green beans (4 g sugar)

Total Sugar:   32 g


Gina said...

Hey Doris,
So happy to see you posting. I have been getting back to posting myself. Not a lot of time, but I manage to log my workouts and most of the time my food journal. I have been working out 6 days a week. My eating hasn't been perfect, but having Scott ask us to keep a log for 5 days has forced me to "clean up" more, lol. It is working, suddenly I am eating better. It just goes to prove how being accountable to some one really works, at least for me, lol. My results have not been great ( no inches lost, I just seem to be stuck). Menopause is "killing me", wish it was over. I will continue to keep at it. I am so proud of you for continuing on as well. I really want to keep in touch with you more and follow your journey! Just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you!

Doris said...

Hi Gina,

So glad to hear from you. Oh, compared to you, I have NOT been diligent with anything. However, I agree with you. For those 5 days, I did clean up my eating quite a bit. However, Sunday & Monday, I didn't do that great since I was not doing the food journal.

I've spent most of my time with my kids being very interactive with them, or taking them to classes. The heat makes it so hard for me to workout, and I'm not the diehard you are.

I've gone backwards and hate to see what the scale says or take measurements. Some of my clothes are feeling tighter. Ugggh. Once the kids get back in school, I should have a little more time to workout until I get a job or start working for someone else.

I'm sorry about the continued female challenges. I can't imagine, but maybe it's like me being outdoors in the heat a lot but worse?

Haven't been good at journaling and saw that you put a zillion journal entries last week for the summer. Did you get carpal tunnel doing that?

For me, I just haven't wanted to be accountable because then I have to do something. But, I need it. It's work.

Hang in there and hopefully we can all reset and get back on track.




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