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5-Day Food Journal: Day 1

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Since this summer I'm pretty much failing at diet & exercise, I'm going to keep a 5-day food journal and count my sugar grams starting today.

Meal 1 (7:15 am):  3 scrambled organic eggs w/grapeseed oil

Meal 2 (12:45 pm):  a handful of organic mixed greens w/a 1/2 cup of Sonoma Chicken Salad (12 g sugar)

Meal 3 (6:15 pm):  a cup of brown rice (1 g sugar), a cup of beef curry veggies (4 g sugar)

Meal 4 (8:30 pm):  a 1" square of Boston Cream Pie (2 g sugar), 3 raw almonds, a cup of raw broccoli (2.5 g sugar) w/spicy ranch dressing (2 g sugar), 1 cherry tomato, a cup of watermelon (9.4 g sugar), 3 sips of very berry smoothie (5 g sugar)

Total Sugar = 37 g

I waited way too long for meals 2 & 3.  I knew that this was the last night of my "Names of God" Bible study and that there would be foods there that are high in sugar.  I didn't have very much, but I'm sure that I way exceeded a good sugar intake for me for the day.

If I wasn't keeping a log of my foods, I would probably have eaten worse.

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