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5-Day Food Journal: Day 2

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Note:  I do not use a full size dinner plate, rather a salad or appetizer plate to eat off of.

Meal 1 (9:00 am): a slice of cheddar cheese (0 g sugar)

Meal 2 (11:30 am):  2 organic scrambled eggs, zucchini, onions, spicy Italian chicken sausage (1/3 link), grapeseed oil, brown rice; then another 0.75 portion of what I had originally.  Feeling super hungry even after eating all of it and I ate somewhat slowly and drank 2 big glasses of water.  My first meal was insufficient. (4.5 g sugar)

Meal 3 (4:00 pm):  a fresh mango (30.6 g sugar)

Pesto Tortellini w/Meatballs
Meal 4 (6:15 pm):   a serving of pesto tortellini w/meatballs in organic marinara (9 g sugar) -- all this stuff is from Trader Joe's.  Easy, quick dinner.

Total Sugar = 44.1 g

I didn't eat any leafy green veggies today.  Drat.  I could've but didn't think about it.  I haven't been consuming my greens smoothie either.  I basically only have this if I'm working out and I haven't worked out in 2 weeks, unless being outdoors with my kids, walking to and from things and sweating like the dickens counts.  I doubt it.

Have been focusing also on drinking more water.  Some days I do well and other days, not so great.  I'm not ready yet to get back into detailed journaling.  It just takes so much time.

My sugar intake today would not be too bad had it not been for the mango.  I just wanted something sweet.  Would've preferred ice cream or cheesecake.  No ice cream here.  We do have cheesecake, but that's in the freezer and will take a day to defrost, so it's not easily done.

This summer, I've really lacked being accountable for my actions.  My accountability partner, Gina, is doing well with her workouts, as well as James, another Ageless Abs person I started with last Fall.  Both Gina and James have been so committed and dedicated with their workouts, while, I've been undisciplined and unfocused here.

I could give you excuses, but it doesn't help me any.  However, I have enjoyed the time with my children this whole summer.  I did get a lot of badly needed decluttering and organization done with a lot of things, so that is a huge thing.  Also, I've needed to make progress in some other areas of my life, which I am.  So, all is not lost.  It's not like I was a total sluggard this summer.

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