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5-Day Food Journal: Day 4

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Late last night I felt frustrated that I was so craving sugar.  Had gotten a subscription email from Thriving Now and opened it.  Normally I file to open maybe months later, but this time, I felt compelled to open it.  It talked about the body and weight, so I went through the EFT exercise.  It's called "Everything Will Be Perfect If I Lose Weight".  I could so understand as I've yo-yo'd my whole adult life in my eating and exercise. 

It's frustrating for me to make good strides in all that I do just to regain what I lost again and again.  I have so much information it's so fricken NOT funny to keep doing this and it can't be good for your body.

Though I love being able to workout at home and have all I need to have awesome workouts, I haven't been working out due to different things.  My space is very limited to mainly a 5'x8' area, which is the size of my rug.  Sometimes I wished I had a really nice treadmill & bike and the room for it, but I do not.  I sort of miss the gym I used to go to, but I hate driving that far, wasting gas, and the wasted time.  Plus, the monthly dues were fairly expensive, which is not in my budget.

Right now and it has been for the past week plus is that I have an area on the rug that has all these school supplies.  I don't have another place for these things (well, maybe I could move them to my son's room).  I hate working out when I'm already hot and sweaty to begin with. 

Got my Polar heartrate monitor back yesterday in the mail.  Turns out they forgot to send my transmitter back, which then, my heartrate monitor is just a watch.  No good.  They are sending me a new transmitter.  Found out that I was incorrectly using my transmitter & elastic band.  Though I did not ruin the transmitter, I did mess up the elastic band, which caused me to need another band.  Time-Tec said they would send me a new transmitter at no charge to me yesterday and hopefully I will get it tomorrow.  They said I was getting erroneous heartrate readings intermittently so, that could account for the weird readings I sometimes got.

They said I'm to completely detach the transmitter from the elastic band after each use and let it dry. 

Meal 1 (10:00 am):  2.5 scrambled eggs w/brown jasmine rice w/lots of garlic, onions, spicy chicken sausage and grapeseed oil, sea salt, ground pepper (1 g sugar)

----> This was sooo good.  I made 5 eggs, used about 1 cup rice, 5 cloves of garlic, 1/3 of an onion, 1 sausage link.  The garlic gives the rice a beautiful taste and aroma and I think next time I'll increase it by another 2-3 cloves.  The garlic was so yummy.  I pan fried that in grapeseed oil first then added the rice until both were browned and a little crispy.  Removed from heat and cooked the sausage until it was nearly cooked then added the onion. 

After all that was cooked, I added the rice/garlic mixture to the onions & sausage and cooked for another minute.  Scrambled the eggs and gradually poured it over mixture, adding a lot of ground pepper and a little sea salt.  I think the key ingredient was the garlic, which I've never added to the eggs.

Love my brown rice.  Yes, I know, a starch and not good.

Meal 2 (2:15 pm):  yellow fin tuna, balsamic vinegar, cannenelli beans, red onions, ground lemon pepper, 1 tomato - 1/2 cup of this mixture all over a large handful of mixed organic greens, 3 slices of mozzarella (1 g sugar)

Meal 3 (4:45 pm):  10 fish sticks (4.5 g sugar), 4 medium raw fresh figs (32.4 g sugar) ----> The fish sticks, after they were baked, were small and fishy tasting.  Uggh.  The figs were good.  My dad has a fig tree and they were from the tree.

Meal 4 (8:15 pm):  2 scrambled eggs w/onions, brown rice, garlic, pesto chicken sausage, olive oil (1 g sugar)

Total Sugar = 40 g

My body feels a bit better now on Day 4 after reducing my refined sugar intake and being careful to not consume this.  Though I've had periods of not eating when I should (skipping meals), the reduction in refined sugar makes me feel so much better.  I'm still pretty tired from the heat - staying outside for hours or getting in/out of my car running errands. 

My bowel movements today were way better and I have more of them, like when I was eating properly.  Though when I eat fruit that great increases my sugar intake, at least it's natural fruits.  I know Scott Colby in the first 2 weeks of the Ageless Abs program, we are to count EVERYTHING in terms of sugar consumption, including fruits, smoothies, etc and keep it 15 g and fewer.  Then, subsequent weeks, you don't have to count the sugar in fruits & veggies, but you are to keep all other sugars to 15 g or fewer.  That is easier than counting the sugars in fruits & veggies.

When I followed his program and did the exercise, I got amazingly good results.  My problem is not the program or that it's a challenge to follow, rather it's my own lack of consistency.  Sometimes I can go a month, other times 2 weeks, or 3 months and other times I'm so hard pressed to go even 2 days.

Truthfully, I've wanted to go get ice cream a few times at the store or get a McDonald's twist cone (small) during the first 3 days, but resisted as I didn't want to put it in my food journal for Scott to see and I didn't want to lie.  Seriously, I do not condone lying, but sometimes in my weight loss/get fit journey and having to write this out for others to see, the thought does creep into my mind to not write down everything I do.  I don't think about writing things down I haven't done, rather the sin of ommission.

But, Jesus Christ who dwells in me convicts me that's wrong.  Of course, who am I hurting but myself?  And, it's wrong and would displease God.  So, if I'm going to be accountable, I write it all down.

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