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Summer Wk 6, Day 1 - Mon, 11-Jul-2011

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Okay, I am so very messed up with eating healthy and having good habits this summer.  The past 3-4 weeks have been so hot here in AZ, and now we add humidity.

Both my kids had chicken pox in June and are recovered mainly from it.  My kids have been taking swimming lessons.  They started golf & musical theater last week and will do that all July in addition to swimming.  Honestly, I've been a physical slug and sloth and a bit gluttonous.

However, today is a new day and I've eaten mainly good foods today - eggs, salad, a little fruit.

Today, thanks to my 10-yr old daughter being focused and gently reminded me a few times today that we must get our workout done today.

So, today I took Zuzana's Latest BodyRock workout from her site for today, "Dirty Bit Workout".

Here is the routine:

Dirty Bit Workout - 12 rounds of 50:10 Intervals:
1.  Invisible High Knee Jump Rope (Me - 125, 142; My Daughter - 167, 110)
2.  Backward Lunge (Me - 22, 22; My Daughter - 8)
3.  Invisible High Knee Jump Rope (Me - 150,149; My Daughter - 165)
4.  Reverse Pushup on Ultimate Dip Press (Me - 15,16; My Daughter - 5)
5.  Invisible High Knee Jump Rope (Me - 148,150; My Daughter - 163)
6.  Monkey Pushup Plus Jump (Me - 13, 14; My Daughter - 8)

Both my daughter and I did this workout or attempted.  I got through the 12 min.  Would've done another 6 min., but didn't want to overdo things.  My daughter's side was hurting during the first round and by the 2nd round wasn't feeling too good, so she finished only the jump rope of the 2nd round.

I don't have my heartrate monitor results as I need to send it in to get the battery replaced.  I do have a backup heartrate monitor, but it doesn't give it to the detail that the one I use gives.


1/2 walk around the neighborhood - stop & go.  The weather was very humid - probably 80s and somewhat breezy, sticky.  But, it was nice to get some fresh air.

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