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I started eating much better yesterday.  The only bad thing I had was a corn tortilla, which wasn't on my list of foods to eat.  The goal is to not eat foods that convert to simple sugar quickly, or have any grains or starches.  Almost there.

Today I was successful of not eating ANY starches and feel much better.  Today I helped a family do some cleaning as they were moving out of their house, and helped another family move into that house.  Got my workout done today with a number of hours of doing that.  Did not take a nap nor feel the need to take a nap.  Ate lots of greens from spinach, to arugula to red swiss chard.  My proteins basically came from organic eggs and ground sirloin.  Had a little gorgonzola cheese with my salad for a late lunch.  Had celery & cherry tomatoes (these seem to have less sugar than a normal big tomato).  My ground sirloin I made on Friday and it was filled with cilantro, onions, garlic, and various seasonings.  So yummy.  Drank plenty of water today.

My eating, exercise, sleep plans are as follows for the next 2 weeks:

1.  Follow Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track eating plan for 2 weeks as he has laid out in the book.  There are NO grains/starches at all.
2.  Take probiotics, multi-vitamins, fish oil to support my nutrition and health.
3.  Do Funk Robert's Spartacus 4-Week Workout Challenge (you can find his videos on YouTube)
4.  Get to bed by 11 pm each night, but preferably by 10:30 pm. 
5.  No naps.  This sometimes messes up my sleep hygiene.
6.  Drink water throughout the day.

After the 2 weeks, I will re-evaluate the diet thing and determine whether I want to stay on the same Fast Track type eating or go to his Belly Fat Cure eating way, which may allow some starches.  However, I do know if I can be strict for the next 3-4 months in consuming no grains or starches, the bodyfat WILL just melt off. 

Right now, my bodyfat is at 33%.  That's simply awful and I'm almost back at where I started Ageless Abs 1 at.  My weight is more than AA1, but I took measurements today and it's not quite as bad as when I started AA1, so that is good.  Nonetheless, this is not a good place to be after all the hard work I did before.

However, getting back up on the horse.  My workouts will start on Monday.

Funk's workouts will be Mon/Wed/Fri and depending on how my body responds, by week 2, if not sooner, I'll add jump roping on the trampoline on the days I'm not doing his workouts.  Sunday will be rest day.  Funk's workouts are basically 10 exercises where you do each exercise for 60 sec with 15 sec rest before you move onto the next exercise.  Do the routine the first week for 2 rounds (27 min. workout).  In weeks 2-4, you do 3 rounds, which gives you a 41.5 min. workout not including warmup and cooldown.  I would say warmup and cooldown will be about 20 min. total max.

His workouts use kettlebells, but I don't have any, so I will use DBs instead. 

In this eating way for these 2 days, there are no cheat days or reward days.  However, he does make an allowance to consume some 85% dark chocolate each day, if you have those cravings.

That's the plan.  I'm not sure how much I will log here, so we'll see.  I did also do BEFORE pictures today as well as a BEFORE video.  My plans are to take pics weekly and videos, maybe every other week?  Not sure.  Haven't committed to frequency of that as I don't want to make things more complicated.

More to come, but hopefully each time I write, there will be a little less fat on my body as it melts away with right choices done consistently.

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