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Week 5 - Body Stats

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Date:  Mon, 2/7/11

Bodyfat mm:  12.0 mm
Bodyfat %: 24.15% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45

Neck:  13.125" (-0.125")
- Left:  12.125" (-0.125")
- Right:  12.5" (same)
- Left:  10.5" (same)
- Right:  10.75" (same)

Chest (at Nipples):  39.5" (-0.50")
Under Breasts:  32.75" (-0.25")
Waist (Smallest Area):  30.5" (same)
Belly Button (2" Below):  33.5" (same)
Hips (Widest):  38.75" (-0.25")

Upper Thighs
- Left:  22.25" (-0.25")
- Right:  23" (-0.25")
Mid Thighs
- Left: 20" (-0.25")
- Right:  20" (-0.25")
Calves (Widest) 
- Left:  16.00" (same)
- Right:  15.875" (-0.125")

Total Inches:  351.125" (-2.375")

WEEKLY (Gained/Released):
Inches = -2.375"
Weight = -1.0 lbs
LBM (lbs) = -0.8 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -0.2 lbs
Bodyfat % = 0%

NET (Gained/Released): 35 Days
Inches = -8.375"
Weight = -8.4 lbs
LBM (lbs) = -3.4 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -5.0 lbs
Bodyfat % = -1.42%

I did not take pictures today, but that's okay, as I'm only posting monthly pics and I haven't posted any pics from last week yet.  My bad.

I have now dropped below a milestone for me in weight.  Woohoo!  I have not been this weight since Fall 2009, over a year ago.  I can just see all this bodyfat releasing from my body, even if I'm not able to exercise the way I'd like.

I'm really praying this week I will be able to get SOME sort of workout in at least once.  I continue to keep a caloric deficit, which is why I'm guessing my weight is going down.  Yay God!  Hope when I return to normal food eating that I don't regain that weight again.Notes:  I have been sick and have not had much to eat in the past 3 days.  Really, my weight should be down even more but I'm probably retaining fluids as I haven't had a lot to drink either.  Spent a lot of time in bed sleeping.  My kids are also sick.

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