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I'll be a bit late doing the results for this week, like doing them tomorrow hopefully.  I did weigh myself and my scale weight is up.  Didn't have time to do my bodyfat or any other measurements as I went to bed super late last night and didn't get enough sleep, too much to do this morning.

On a good note, yesterday I squeezed into a pair of size 12 jeans and was able to be in them all day without passing out.  In September I started with a tight size 16.  Then, in the November timeframe, I was at a size 14 of which those ahve slowly been going from tight to somewhat loose.  I'm thinking the pair of 12 jeans I got into ran on the big side, but I'll take it.

My eating this past weekend wasn't too good.  Friday I went to a Joyce Meyer conference and that was all the way across town, about an hr's drive or more from where I live.  Brought a bunch of snacks - though reasonably healthy, not totally as cheese & nuts are high in fat.  Saturday for most of the day I didn't eat hardly anything (not good) and went to a weiner roast and pigged out there.  Sunday the only really bad thing I ate was dessert in the evening at a friend's house, but my body doesn't take too well with sugar without hardcore workouts.

Friday & Sunday got some walking in, which was good, but it wasn't maintained at a good level.

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