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I've been incredibly busy since the last time I wrote.  I can't believe it was in April.

I got a subcontracting job that I can work from home, but it's been taking a lot of my time.  Thankfully it has a somewhat flexible schedule, but it has tough (some days, like right now) schedule for turning things in.  That has been hampering my workout schedule.

The kids have been out of school now for a month, but that provides extra challenges, though, not as many.  We are saving on gas by not making those two trips to their schools, which is quite a ways from where we live.  They ended the 4th quarter both doing well.  Praise God!

I have been cooking and making lots of great recipes, which I have only documented by photos.  If I ever have time, I will put them here in the blog.

I had a very bad cold or some respiratory probably that lasted probably six weeks with an awful cough.  That was debilitating and terrible, hacking away for weeks.  That created trigger points in areas of my neck and back, which I think have contributed to some of the pain I'm now experiencing that I can't figure how to get rid of us.  Boohoo.

I had been dealing with tooth pain since Saturday and it turns out that I had a cracked back tooth that has been cracked for some time that I was not aware of.  The night before, it woke me up with excruciating pain which I ended up buying a dental discount plan to help defray some of the very expensive dental costs.  Long story shorter, after numerous calls and going in to get an evaluation, I was able to call around to different dentists and endos to get better pricing and availability.

All I knew was that I needed the root canal THAT DAY and the sooner the better.  This will cost my husband and I about $1700 total.  Ugggh.  But I guess that's better than the $1900 we were going to spend and have a few hours longer.   The $1900 was the discounted prices for the both root canal and crown.

Normally I have very good teeth and very few problems.  I've had one other root canal and that was nearly 8 yrs ago, 1 month shy of 8 yrs on the other side of the mouth, I think about the same location.

Anyway, that takes up the money we were going to spend for my husband's green card, but thankfully we were able to dip into a wedding gift we received and replace that money, so my husband will still be able to get his green card, or at least we turn in the paperwork to Immigration with all their many fees and stuff.

Marriage has been going well, but it isn't easy to blend 4 cultures together.  We have a daughter that will be turning 13 next month, and along with that has come all the traditional American teenager stuff, which my husband is very challenged by.  As a single mom for 6 years, I wasn't as strict and disciplined as he is, so, there are challenges there for all of us as we integrate better boundaries and discipline into all of our lives consistently.

My husband has been doing contracting software programming work with his partner in Colombia, but we have yet to see payment for anything for the many hours, days, weeks, and months he's been pouring into these projects.  Not one peso, so that is disheartening.  But, I trust he knows what he is doing, but I did request when he has the right to legally get employment in the U.S. (when he gets his work card or green card, not sure what the difference is), that he get a job that pays dollars to help our financial situation get better.

He obviously wants to do that ASAP and has told his partner that that will come over not getting any payment for work.  I don't exactly understand the Colombia culture on some things, so that is frustrating.

All in all, I grow more in love with my husband and he me.  We have come together on raising our children and he is more comfortable parenting.  We have been working aggressively on this and still have many challenges.  The kids love him, just not always the consistently enforced boundaries.

Well, that's it for now.  God bless you all.

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