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I have been taking heart meds all my 9-yr old son´s life.  In fact, we found out I had some heart issues when I was pregnant with him.  I have always been challenged with my weight.  Before him, I don´t recall I made a real effort in knowing how to properly lose bodyfat.  Since he was born, I´ve been inundated with a flurry of information and have gained a lot of knowledge on how to choose better foods, eat better, cook healthier, exercise more efficiently.

Some of the things I have experienced since my second baby, my 9-yr old, has been:
  • Daily I experienced drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy
  • Intermittent decreased mental acuity 
  • Inability or greatly reduced ability to reduce bodyfat though reduction in calories, regular exercise, good sleep, reduced stressed
  • Issues with blood sugar
  • Reduction in strength
I was used to being high energy throughout my 20s and even after giving birth to my firstborn, my daughter who is now 12 yrs old.  After I had my son three years later, I chocked it up to having 2 kids, heavy schedule, foods I was eating, stressful situations.

As my beau looked up the side effects of one of my heart meds, the things I had been experiencing were probably due to a great part to one of the meds.  My doctor changed that med to something else that does not have those side effects and I have now had 4 days without that med and feel so much better.

I feel sharp, and though right now I feel physically tired, I do not feel sleepy, lethargic.  My mental focus and acuity is fine.  Last night I only got 5 hrs of sleep (my error), but when I was on the other heart med, I could not even function on 5 hrs of sleep and would need a nap or a couple naps.  Today I have been productive, out doing things, helping out at my son´s school at a party and though tired, I´m really feeling pretty good.

My weight that has not been budging for weeks has now released 3 lbs in the past 4 days.  I know this won´t happen often, but it feels good to be down some.  I have only walked 1 of the days, but my food intake is reduced overall, and I haven´t been eating my normal Paleo way, just normal, which does include some grains or starches, sugar, just not in excess.

Over the Christmas break for the kids, I do plan on getting in some high intensity resistance training to help me burn bodyfat better.  We´ll see.

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