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Workout - Mon, 14-Oct-2011 (Walk, Hill Intervals, 2 - 5 min. Tabatas)

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The prior 2 weeks I basically did walking 4-5 days/wk from 30-75 min.  I didn't log this down, rather they were at a leisurely pace.  I need more like power walking, but at least I got walking in.  On some days I would throw in squats, lunges here and there or whatever I felt like, but not in an organized manner.

Today I was just going to walk for about 15 min., as I was feeling really down and depressed.  I didn't even take my workout notebook/pen and water.  That's how sure I was going to walk for a short time.  I took the path in an opposite direction I would normally take and also parked in a completely different spot.

When I got to the soccer/football fields, I decided to walk each of the mini-fields, the outlines.  There were a lot of mini-fields as I walked up and down the outlines of the huge overall field.  This took me to where there were steep hills (probably 25-40% grade) were and I began doing walking intervals where I walked for 1 min. up and 30 sec down and did this for about 15 min.  Unfortunately, I didn't do these as laps and just kept this as the same lap as the walking.

After I was through with the hill intervals, I decided to walk back to the car & took a different route, which brought me to a bench and ducks that refused to move when I came upon them, so I sat and observed them for a bit.  Then, I heard the bench call to me to do STEP UPs.

I did have my heartrate monitor & GymBoss timer on me, so I figured I might as well do a few rounds of Stepups.  I set my GymBoss timer to 20 sec/10 sec intervals and to do 10 rounds (5 min.).  A normal tabata has 8 rounds and goes for 4 min.

SET 1 (2x @ 20:10):
  • Bench Stepups
  • BW Squats
  • Static Lunges
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bench Incline Pushups
SET 2 (2x @ 20:10):
  • Burpees with Prone Jacks
  • Alternating Skater Hops
  • Alternating High Leg Toe Toes (Same Side)
  • Reverse Lunges
  • High Knee Run in Place
I have no idea how many reps each time as I didn't bring my notebook to record and my memory isn't THAT good.  I probably could've done 1 more Set, but I didn't think I could remember all the exercises.

I did some more light walking to cool down after that, but did not stretch out.

Had a greens smoothie when I got home.  Since I was depressed, did a bunch of crying about all sorts of things.

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