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AA2 Week 9 - Updates

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It's not good for Week 9 in terms of the Ageless Abs Program.  I sporadically ate, thus, most days I had a caloric deficit until Sat & Sun.  My mom and her husband came into town and there were 2 meals we ate with them, well, basically feasted with them.

I did no exercise in Week 9.  It was really a traumatic & challenging week beyond before.  Am dehydrated as most days I did not drink enough water.  Missed many meals.  Extreme amount of stress. 

Because there is so much stress in my life, the expectations for this week is similarly as low.  Let's see. 

Last week Scott Colby had our last Group Coaching Call #3 with us and he suggested that I do 1 min. workouts (aka Burst Training) 4x/day.  It's better than nothing and it will help spike my metabolism throughout the day some.  I even failed at that.

My goal this week is to eat better, drink more water, and get in at least three days the 1 min. workouts (or more) 3-4x/day.

This morning as I'm writing this, my BPs are pretty high, which is probably why I feel so pukey.  Spending more time wih God seeking Him, so I can hear clearly from Him on what He wants me to do with our stressful situation.  Until there is better management of this, I don't see myself focusing much on AA2 Program, as I'm unable to manage all this.

My blog entries will be super sparse, too.   Sorry, but personal matters dictate I handle those as they are critical.

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