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I can't say that I did all that great today.  Stayed up until nearly 2 am.  Ugggh.  Why do I do that?  I'm not even sure what I was doing up that late but just piddling around, I think, on the internet.  My fault.  GV had gone to bed awhile earlier, so I really had no excuse.

Anyway, eating could've been better, but also could've been worse.  Today I had a lot on my plate, but not on my food plate.  Hardly consumed any calories today.  What did I eat?  No one to blame but me.  I am responsible for my choices.  Today wasn't even all that hot at just around 100° F.

My food/drink intake?

  • 4 pm - 1/3 can of Pringles
  • 5:30 pm - some white meat roasted chicken, potato salad & a diet 7-up
Forgot to take my heart meds this morning.  Not good.  I was rushed to do a lot of things - laundry, get a new battery for my car (this was way harder than it was supposed to be), chauffeur my son to 2 libraries to get books for his school project, help a friend, look for online jobs.  

In all this?  What is the bright side?  I got a lot done.  I did eat some protein today.  Drank water.  Didn't get 6 hrs of sleep, but maybe about 5.5 hrs, but overall I feel somewhat rested.  No caffeine, which that is awesome awesome awesome!

Gotta look at the bright side, right?

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