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Need to Get Back on Track

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I'm going to have to admit that this hot weather has really thrown me for a loop where most days, it makes me feel really lethargic.  My sleep is off and I end up staying up late, then needing a nap.  When sleep is off, it throws everything else off.  Arrgh.  I know, this is within my control.

Have been consuming caffeine, though, I've nixed the sugar, but now things are ladened with artificial sweeteners.  My eating has had grains and starches . . . well, grains not too bad, but more starches.  AND, I haven't been exercising.

My size 12 clothes are now starting to feel a little tight and I really don't feel that great.  I've got to get back on track.

I need to set daily goals in things I do.  I would love by Christmas time be out of a size 12 and getting into a size 8, even if that is super tight, which means a loose size 10.  I think that translates into releasing about 15 lbs of bodyfat for me, about.  That gives me about 4 months - 4 lbs of fat a month (or 1 lb of fat a week).

Really, I've got to get my sleep back to a good schedule - 10:45 pm to 5:45 am (7 hrs), go back to grainless and starchless (cook), and do just 3 HIIT resistance workouts a week.  In fact, if I did this, I could probably reach that goal by Thanksgiving.

What do you think?  Help me get back on track?

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