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I'm very overwhelmed right now.  Although today isn't that hot, less than 100° F, I found out my radiator has a crack in it.  It got replaced in 9/11, 8/09, 4/09.  Before that, the original OEM Ford radiator lasted about 165,000.  Since 4/09, I'm now going to be on my 4th radiator and this will be the third time I'm having to pay for labor to install a new radiator that has a lifetiime warranty.

This is really ridiculous.  Anyway, I can't get this done until Saturday, so now I am out without a car between now and then and I live far from everything.  Great!  Can you hear the sarcasm.  The weekend before, I had issues with a water pump and thankful to God that it was still under warranty, but barely by 200 miles.  So, then I was without a car for the weekend and it was stressful to figure out how to get to church.

I'm not going to go through all that again but today when I went to pick up my son and another kid from school as it was my turn to pick them up, I saw all this water under my car where the radiator is.  Oh my gosh.  Turns out, the radiator that is less than a year old is the culprit.

Currently, I  have no idea what my measurements or stats are.  But, I'm still in the same size (size 12) as I was in May and I can still fit into everything, so that is good.  But, I do feel flabby since I haven't been working out now for about a month again.  Ugggh.  It's sooo hot.

My eating has been intermittent and sparse.  My sleep is awful - not consistent or enough.  Yes, I know.  I've been drinking Diet Cokes for caffeine as I don't have the energy to get through my day.  Yes, I know.  Get back on track.  I know what it takes to be successful.

Without a car now and needing help from others to get my kids to/from school, as well as their dental appointment tomorrow.  I do feel like a drain on the family we are carpooling at right now with my car issues.  Hopefully after Saturday, my car will be fixed and I don't need anything except for brakes and 2 new tires.

Anyway, trying to keep my focus on Jesus and not on my circumstances.  I could go into lengthy details right now on all my issues for a lot of things, but the Bible says regarding entering into the Lord's court is done through thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100).  I greatly need to enter into His court right now and lift up all my issues to Him.  He is in control.

Please lift up my car, and the many other concerns I have going on in my life, would you?  If you know Jesus as your Savior.  God bless you and have a super day!

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