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Summer Wk 3

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This week started off great - eating well, exercising.  Even my son wanted to workout with us.  Monday we were great with everything.

However, Tuesday was crazy busy and by the end of the day, my daughter was feverish and not looking too good.

Wednesday, she woke up with her face covered in chicken pox and thus, our week was derailed.  I could go over the long schpiel, but won't.  Basically serving my daughter and helping her through a very bad case of chicken pox, the extreme heat here in AZ, tending to my son, and getting ready to make some big financial moves, I did not accommodate exercise other than on Monday.

However, everywhere I went, I parked where there was shade, which usually wasn't close to wherever I needed to go.  So, at least a little walking was done.

Eating, we had no junk food at home, but my son and I ate out on Wed-Fri because he had VBS and I was too busy to make a real dinner.  My daughter has hardly been eating and when she has, it's been chicken noodle soup.  With it so hot, it's hard to cook and heat up the house.

Anyway, it's been a very challenging week here in our household.  Let's see what Wk 4 brings.

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