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Summer Wk 2

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For those who follow my blog, I'm so sorry that I did not get to journaling what I did this week.  My daughter and I did workout, but the combination of the heat here in AZ, my ailing keyboard, doing too much typing on the computer, or basically anything that required using the spacebar has been a real pain.

So, the summary is there was sporadic good eating and not good eating.  My demise were ice cream sandwiches.  I bought a box of 24 ice cream sandwiches and I probably ate at least half of those.  No, I do not know how terrible each individually were but they tasted really good.  Hope the workouts offset this, though, we did not workout every day.

We did some of Scott Colby's (4th of July Challenge) and some of Zuana Light's ( workouts.  I'm really not sure why it's been so incredibly challenging to eat well and healthy, as well as exercise.  These are both things I love, but having some roadblocks or something.

However, as I write this in the middle of the night (took too long of a nap on Sunday), I'm just thinking how screwed up my sleep hygiene is.  However, one super great thing is that we have NO junk food at home that I can think of.  We have some fruit, veggies, lots of lean proteins, eggs, frozen veggies, oil, beans/legumes, non-fat dairy, full fat cheeses, water.  We also have some rice & rice/whole wheat pastas.

However, last week we acquired a spiral veggie slicer.  This is fantastic and I will attempt to take some pics this week, but this will enable us to turn some veggies (as well as some fruit) into spaghetti like strands.  So, this week, I want to make zucchini spaghetti & meatballs.  The meatballs are already premade, but after this pack is gone, I will make the meatballs in the future and see if I can find something to bind the meatballs that is gluten & starch free.

My kids had a blast making zucchini spaghetti and ate it raw.  The spiral slicer came with 3 attachments so you can slice the spaghetti strands as well as thin slices and connected rounds.  It's pretty cool.  For lunch one day, my kids had a raw apple and a raw zucchini with the fun shapes they did.

Before going swimming Thursday, my son did a bag of apple spaghetti to eat.  Cool, eh?

Last week, I also acquired the ultimate body press dip bar, which I've been waiting for about 8-9 months to get.  The guy I got it from bought two - one for him and the other for his wife, but his wife wasn't going to use it so he finally sold it.  She never used it and he was just looking to get rid of it.

Hopefully I'll be back to journaling.

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