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All day long I listen to things, see things and I observe.  I love how God speaks to me because sometimes it's so fun.  He knows I'm always looking to see things, to understand things.  God uses often numbers as well as words to speak to me.  He also speaks in dreams when I'm sleeping, but He also uses other people's dreams and often God gives my son dreams and those are meant for me.  So very cool.

So, the past few days, I've been keeping track of words that keep popping up in unusual ways -

  • Zachary
  • Baldwin
  • Cedar
  • Washington
  • Forester
I began looking up what those words mean and things along those lines and it's totally amazing because each of these words really strike a cord with me a lot more deeply than maybe others.  It's funny when we pay attention, observe, we can see God speaking.

Often, people think God speaks from a burning bush or a booming voice out of the sky, but often, He speaks very quietly and we need to be paying attention.  He whispers gently and it's so very good, and I have a lot of fun seeing how He speaks to me.  It's always exactly what I need.

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